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Letters to the Editor, July 27

Keep the road diet

I haul goods to the Phoenix Food Pantry, at Church and Second streets, several days a week. Heading home I turn east on Second, go past City Hall, easily turn right onto Main, then left onto First Street to get into town. If I forget and try to access First Street: lots of traffic, a line at the Main stop, plus hair-raising cross traffic on Main. Nobody signals or knows they may move into the bike lane to turn west. Thanks a lot.

I vote to keep southbound Main one lane. Traffic accessing Main from the side streets needs the break. Repaint the lines, delineate the parking places and turning lanes and highlight the bike lane: these were the considerations when southbound went to one lane. Educate the public with better signage.

Is ODOT still planning on making Hwy 99 from Phoenix to Talent into single lanes with a left turn in the center and bike lanes on the outside? The intention is to significantly improve safety. Meanwhile: Slow down, everybody! Do unto others! It’s all about doing our part.

Which reminds me: Green Bag Day is Saturday, Aug. 12. Lend a hand!

You know where to find me.

Karen Jones


Bait-and-switch debate

Why would Rogue Retreat think that it is acceptable behavior to come to an agreement with the City of Medford regarding the tiny house project and then unilaterally change the scope of the project? What kind of message does this type of unacceptable behavior send, especially from an organization that considers itself “faith-based?”

Rather than seek approval from the city prior to changing the scope of the project, they decided to unilaterally change the scope and then coerce the city to approve the changes retroactively — knowing the city would likely approve rather than risk looking “mean.”

Since the city has approved this change, the minimum they should require is that all other rules and regulations be followed with no time extension. Meaning for example, that the parking lot must be both paved and landscaped — immediately, with no time extension.

Additionally any time an organization pulls this type of stunt, the city should not automatically approve any unilateral changes as it is easy enough for the organization to ask permission in advance.

J.Z. Cleckner


Vehicle access limited

In response to a letter from Donna Rutledge published on July 18 stating that "just about the only place on the monument closed to motorized vehicles is the one-fifth that has been designated as the Soda Mountain Wilderness," I would like to inform the public about the actual motorized vehicle restrictions.

There are approximately 10 BLM gates that restrict vehicle access to the monument. These gates can be viewed on the current travel management plan on the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, available at the Medford BLM office.

These gates restrict vehicle access to approximately 20 square miles ( 13,440 acres) of the monument only not even including the wilderness. There also numerous earth berms to limit vehicle access.

These 13,440 acres of vehicle access denied to our elderly and disabled sportsmen seems excessive. Go get a map and see what the public is being denied access to, it may open your eyes!

Brad Hewitt

Rogue River

Letters to the Editor, July 27