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Letters to the Editor, July 31

None of the above

As a centrist, I feel I’m wandering in a political wasteland.

I didn’t vote for either Trump or Clinton and find little to recommend either major political party. Both seem to be drifting further toward extremes.

Donald Trump has co-opted the Republican Party, but no “traditional Republican” organization has risen in opposition. With his nomination, most members opted for “party loyalty” despite strong anti-Trump rhetoric during the primaries. Guess “party loyalty” overrides personal integrity.

The Democrats seem to be primarily pursuing a “just say no” policy and a push for impeachment. Looks like they’ve decided it will be far easier to impeach the president than field a viable opposition candidate.

Donald Trump won the presidency according to our election process. While his actions may eventually result in something that qualifies as an “impeachable offense,” I don’t believe that’s happened yet and would much prefer that he leave office exactly the same way he entered it. Impeachment is a very messy political process and doesn’t always achieve its primary goal — ask Bill Clinton.

And my vote? I wrote in “None of the above” and may do so next time. I highly recommend it as a printed option on future ballots.

Stan Loer

Grants Pass

Critical test for Walden

Greg Walden should oppose HR 2936, the misnamed “Resilient Federal Forests Act of 2017,” which the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources advanced on June 27.

Oregon District 2 hosts many examples of successful public collaboration on forest restoration and fire resilience, including in the Deschutes, Fremont-Winema, Malheur and Rogue-Siskiyou national forests. HR 2936 would force collaborating parties into old corners and evaporate political capital for active forest management created by such collaborations.

It is reasonable to expect that timber harvest on O&C land managed by BLM should conform to resource management plans. HR 2936 would push aside BLM plans and require federal foresters to market timber without meaningful mitigation or environmental review.

HR 2936 presents a critical test of Walden’s leadership because it would undercut collaborative forest management and stop progress made by communities working together. His vocal opposition is needed now.

Jay Lininger


No interest in 'messing'

Some 60 years ago, I felt a need to safeguard my small family from a dreaded nuclear attack: "Cold War" turning hot! The basement of our bungalow seemed the right shelter, if I could just make the kitchen floor radiation-proof. I was saved from that puzzle and the test of my human decency if neighbors had asked to share space and supplies.

Once, in camp, a new kid arrived, small in stature and big of mouth: "Don't mess with me, I know karate!" We never saw his 'skill' when we convinced him we were not interested in "messing." Today, every tinhorn dictator wants an ICBM and a nuclear 'device.' We may need to convince them we are not interested in "messing," and mean it. (As long as we still are a 'big boy!')

Hans H. Stroo


Letters to the Editor, July 31