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Letters to the editor: Aug. 3

Extra property a godsend

Hope Village will provide transitional housing for the homeless. Case managers will guide these folks on the path from homelessness to productive citizens.

The Medford City Council last November gave Rogue Retreat permission to erect 14 tiny houses on city-owned property. No utilities were available. Rogue Retreat would try to make it work.

That changed in March 2017, when a neighbor offered us property to provide access to water, sewer, gas and electricity and a building we could fix for our case managers plus another building for the villagers’ community meeting room. What a godsend for Hope Village! We signed a lease March 31.

We shared our good fortune with the city manager and planning director, providing documents and site maps. We assumed the mayor and City Council would be informed.

We met with city staff again in May 2017. We treated this new property as separate, as there would be no tiny houses on new property and no utilities on city property. Working with the city, we decided to ask to add the new property to the agreement with the city.

Now, thanks to the perseverance of so many, we are nearly ready to open!

David and Sharie Beale, members, Hope Village Steering Committee


No longer united

Our nation is no longer a United States. The left hates the Republicans with a passion and yes, we do need to drain the swamp. Only 9 percent of the voters in D.C. voted for our president, what does that tell you?

The left is determined to do whatever it takes to destroy the Trump administration. I've heard it said that they would rather see our nation fall than for him to succeed. I hope this was never stated.

Without a doubt there is a large number of elites who are working in concert to protect what they regard as their right to remain in power, even though they have little regard for constitutional limits on government power. They are determined that our nation becomes part of the New World Order (globalism).

Pray for our nation. You may want to look up the shadow government. Very interesting.

Gordon DeVos


Thanks for helping a vet

I was surprised and shocked a year ago by the Veterans Affairs indicating an overpayment spanning six years.

With the help of Jackson County Veterans Services, a repayment schedule was established, only to be totally ignored. Contacts via email and many lengthy waits on the phone proved futile.

As a last resort, I contacted Congressman Greg Walden's office. Thanks to staff member Troy Ferguson, I received the information requested. Thank you, Troy and Jackson County Veterans Services.

Al Willstatter


Trump reverses the damage

I find it ironic that the day that K. Boutwell’s letter to the editor was published (July 26), the Mail Tribune’s business page was reporting that consumer confidence and the stock market were increasing. What K. Boutwell thinks is bad news Trump supporters regard as good news: Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, lower gas prices, a stronger military, fewer regulations that stifle businesses and oil pipelines that promote energy independence, to name a few.

I think we’d also agree that it’s a good thing that President Trump donates his salary to the departments of Education and Interior. I don’t remember President Obama doing that. But I do remember him playing lots of golf and his wife spending plenty of money on lavish vacations. But as long as they had a “D” after their names then their supporters were more than happy to pay for that and not complain. Such hypocrisy.

The prayers that are said should be for the hope that President Trump can reverse the damage that President Obama did over the past eight years.

Maureen Stewart


Letters to the editor: Aug. 3