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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 12

Could be a great deal

The House voted on a bill supposedly addressing health care that many of its members had not read. The House then passed it to the Senate to fix it. The Senate then proposed a wealth care bill — masquerading as a health bill — that the Republican leadership wanted to pass when only the privileged few even knew what was in it. We are thankful that this travesty of a bill was defeated.

The Affordable Care Act may have problems, but no effort has yet been made by Republican leadership to repair its flaws. They still want only to repeal Obamacare — even without a reasonable replacement plan.

At last, voices of reason are emerging. Maybe Congress could engage in bipartisan discussion to address health care for Americans — really. It could happen, if they were able to work for we the people rather than billionaires, their own agenda and party loyalty.

With pressure from Trump, this issue isn't going away. We deserve better from our representatives. When campaigning, promises were made to improve health care. We demand better. Our nation is judged by how we care for the neediest among us. Will we pass or fail this test?

M. M. Trocker


Why serve more beer?

It was noted in “Our View” in the Mail Tribune Aug. 1 that there was ”not enough beer service lines — a major shortcoming for a country music event put on in the heat of summer” at the Country Crossings Festival.

Then in the Aug. 2 Mail Tribune, on the front page under “Local,” it was noted that “the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department responded to 180 calls during the four-day event at the Country Crossings Festival, most of them alcohol-related.”

My question is, do we really need to serve more beer faster and create more drunks so that law-abiding citizens are at greater risk of harm? Sounds like insane alcoholic thinking to me.

Maybe if we add more beer lines next year we can see the headlines in next year's Mail Tribune:

“Three killed in head-on crash of participants leaving the Country Crossings Festival.”

Is this really what we want?

Chuck Brook


Give them an inch

Hope Village: Sounds like the same old tune; Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

The Medford City Council and the citizens of Medford have been had. I don't know how much money is behind this project or what power it holds over the council, but the entire council should have registered a resounding no vote to continue or allow this to go on. The project has expanded way beyond as first advertised and presented. Therefore, shut it down.

Dale Casey


Supporters showed up

The Friends of Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument thank the Soda Mountain Wilderness Council and KS Wild for organizing efforts to show Interior Secretary Zinke the community’s continuing monument support during his recent visit. When Secretary Zinke walked the Greensprings Loop, he met many unscheduled monument users, including artists, birders, equestrians and family hikers.

Most notably, an estimated 300 local residents showed support Sunday afternoon outside the Medford BLM office while Secretary Zinke held meetings inside. It was unfortunate that monument supporters, especially Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown, were afforded so little time with the secretary relative to the time he spent with Congressman Walden and other monument opponents. Even so, it was evident on that hot afternoon, in a parking lot no less, that our monument has abundant public support. The Friends wish to thank all those who have worked to share your voice in support of biodiversity throughout this process.

Shannon Browne, Community partnerships director for the Friends of Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument


Clean up the garbage

We live in Jackson County for the beauty and outdoor activities. We are a community seeking more industry and tourism. How can we expect to enjoy ourselves fully or encourage industry and tourism if we continue to see volumes of garbage on our street meridians, walking paths, sidewalks, green areas just tossed randomly?

The most recent eyesore is at the south end of the parking lot at Withams Truck Stop just below the overpass on the south side of Biddle Road. There is a pile of garbage, clothes and who knows what. Not only is it unsightly, it could be hazardous to the health of people who might randomly go through the pile or for animals eating the garbage.

How did we as people become so uncaring of our environment? What can the population do to increase the level of pride we have in our beautiful valley? I would encourage everyone who sees litter, piles of garbage, etc., to either pick it up or call the Code Enforcement Office for the city of Medford. It is important for us to care about our surroundings in order to encourage others to come and spend time and money in our valley.

Sandy Zander


Letters to the Editor, Aug. 12