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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 19

Work together

In the Aug. 11 Mail Tribune there were two articles that caught my eye.

Froma Harrop’s column spoke to the issue of the fossil fuel industry in conflict with ranchers and others on public lands. If the oil and coal industry wins, ranchers and recreational outfitters lose. On the front page there was an article about a request to invoke the “God Squad” to overrule Endangered Species Act protections for listed Columbia River salmon to allow irrigators to use more water. If the irrigators win, commercial fisherman lose.

What is interesting here is that the combatants are not environmental groups, but are resource consumers battling with each other to make more money, and appear to have little regard for other industry users or the public. I guess those Columbia River irrigators don’t eat salmon and those coal/oil industry folks don’t recreate on public land or eat products containing winter wheat.

Not long ago, many people worked toward compromise in these types of disputes.   Apparently something has changed.  We need to work together to make decisions regarding the wisest use of land, water and other resources that belong to all of us.

Cooperation is the most powerful tool in our conservation arsenal — that and pepper spray ... .

Gary Curtis


The eclipse

Who cares? In the long run it just won't make a difference in your life. Kinda like watching professional sports.

Wil Scarrow

Gold Hill

Strong skipper needed

Nation overboard! Erin for president!

We recently took a river rafting trip with a friend from LA, her sons and our grandson (5, 7 and 8 years old). I was apprehensive about how the little guys would react to challenges on the river. We were fortunate, though, to have a guide, Erin, who provided a safe and exciting journey through Class III and IV rapids.

Erin described whitewater features and outlined everyone’s responsibilities in razor-sharp detail, with a contingency plan for each rapid. We learned about paddling, positions to avoid capsizing and staying calm if someone were to fall overboard.

Our little guys screamed with excitement, gripping safety straps as we paddled through churning water — emerging soaked but confident. Erin was masterful — always in charge, yet steadfast and calm through the entire trip.

I’m ready to sign up for another trip with Erin at the helm. Sadly, I don’t have the same confidence in Donald Trump navigating political rapids. We need a commander with a strong moral compass and legitimate skills to steer our ship through treacherous waters, before our nation is thrown overboard and we all drown.

Dasja Dolan


God didn't elect Trump

Sunday’s front page included "3 deaths linked to rally"; The New York Times, headline: "White Nationalist Protest leads to Deadly Violence."

President Trump is again reluctant to hold accountable those that are accountable: white nationalists, neo-Nazis and alt-right activists.  Trump knows it the wide support of these groups that got him elected, and Klan leader David Duke said it himself on Saturday that the protesters were “going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump” to “take our country back.”

I wonder what Joan White, who wrote the letter (Aug. 12) “God chooses presidents” thinks of her God now?  I know the God I believe in didn’t put Trump in the White House.

No, my God gave me, gave all of us, a mind and free will.  My God would be saddened by what happened and the direction we seem to be going.  My God would say, "Don’t make me your scapegoat." I know my God is more caring and compassionate; and my God is more trusting and believing that we, as followers, will keep God’s will and put love, compassion and acceptance in the forefront. 

How does Ms. White's God feel now? 

Linda Green

Central Point

Unite on climate

I tend to have a positive outlook. While I was upset when Donald Trump won, I hoped he would grow into the hugely responsible job. After over six months I remain upset and concerned at his incompetence.

Many voters wanted to see Trump's tax returns to better judge his financial situation. I agree, but I also want to see his kindergarten grades because he just does not "play well with others."

  • Our allies no longer trust America to support them when needed. 
  • He has no empathy for those with serious health problems.
  • He has brought us to the brink of war with North Korea with his unthinking bluster.
  • He ignores the many scientists who have shown the climate change is real and largely caused by human activity. He abandoned the Paris Climate Accord.

These are all serious issues. While I can’t do much about the first three, many positive, caring people are uniting to address the pressing climate crisis. For example, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN) is offering a Master Climate Protector course this fall. For details go to: (www.socanmcp.eco).

Eric Dittmer


Letters to the Editor, Aug. 19