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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 28

No equivalence

There is no equivalence! To suggest so is simply obscene. Those who blame the rape victim for the rape are just wrong. C.S. Chase (letters, Aug. 20) makes a claim that is parallel in its obscenity.

Apparently, Trump supporters and apologists are simply accepting the lies being fed them on a daily basis by Fox and the White House. Reporters and media who report what is happening are not responsible for what they report unless they just make it up — as Fox does so relentlessly. The idiotic habit of blaming the messenger for the message has been rejected since messengers were invented.

There absolutely were not two sides in Charlottesville. There were the aggressive, violent, gun-toting, murderous Nazis, white supremacists and anti-Semites on one side, and there were those who peacefully protested this entire array of abominable views on the other. Any rational, moral, intelligent human being can see this from the videos. Furthermore, blaming Obama is simply an expression of further and equally unacceptable racism.

Those such as Chase who defend the Nazis, white supremacists, and anti-Semites are un-American. They should be ashamed of themselves. We tolerate them neither in Southern Oregon nor in the United States.

Candyce Armstrong

Central Point

Brown veto disgusting

It is absolutely disgusting when a governor (person in power) will veto a project in retaliation of a legislator. Is this how we are governed now and not by the the need or value of a project?

I have no problem with the Holly Theater funds for restoration (I bought a seat), but why would the governor turn down a project with long-term benefits that would generate electricity, provide water without pumping for sprinkler irrigation, save water for fish and environment, and save farm crops in a dry year? Piping the Bradshaw Drop project was a win for Southern Oregon.

Governor Brown should not use her office to punish a legislator at the expense of our area.

Doreen Bradshaw (no relation to the Bradshaw Drop)

Central Point

Letter nailed it

I very seldom read the editorial page of your paper. The editorials, guest opinions and letters are almost always of the same mindset. That makes them neither mentally challenging or interesting. When I need a laugh I read Mr Steely’s letters. However, Aug. 23 a letter caught my eye that I must comment on: “Why I voted Trump” by Doug Dusenberry.

He sure nailed it! For all of the reasons he listed and more. We elected a man who will hopefully clean up our corrupt government, and keep some, if not all, of the promises he made. He is fighting an uphill battle against career politicians on both sides of the aisle, and he needs our full support. He is trying to do what we the people elected him to do.

Yes, he is our legally elected president. If you cannot support him, please move to the back of the bus or get out of our way. We are making changes, like it or not.

Mr. Dusenberry, thank you for your service!

Dianna Cody


Letters to the Editor, Aug. 28