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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 1

System got it wrong

Once again the system got it wrong. The child of abuse gets a lifetime of dealing with the fallout from the trama inflicted on her by a person she trusted, a teacher. The abuser, the teacher, gets a 90-day jail sentence.

90 days! Tell me this young woman is not being abused twice. What the hell is wrong with this system!

Mary Lewis


Chicken questions

Do the chickens go to roost in the middle of the day during a solar eclipse? To answer this question, I contacted my classmate from the Fairview High School Class of 1951 at Fairview, Missouri, to let me know.

Answer: No, they don"t. But, as the eclipse elapsed, their rooster started crowing. Inquiring minds might want to know.

Harry Hutton


Please explain

Would someone please explain why forest fires are not put out immediately before they grow into disasters like the Chetco Bar fire?

I would think that most lightning or human-caused fires would be noticed while they were still relatively small in acreage. I would think that all resources available including helicopters and tankers would promptly be sent to drop retardant before they turn into a conflagration that takes forever to control.

When I see the smoke every day, realize the health toll it is taking on everybody and see our magnificent forests burnt to the ground I will try and be patient while I wait for a sensible answer. I don't think our local fire departments would wait till a building is nearly consumed before responding.

Chuck Gates


Paying for the wall

Since the “deal maker” president must have forgotten to bone up on his own book and he failed to get a deal with Mexico to pay for the wall like he said, I have an idea to pay for that there wall so that it won’t cost Mexico or taxpayers one dime.

Set up a GoFundMe account and you-all that want that wall real bad can pay for it with your donations! You could let the Trump Foundation hold the money, for a handling fee of course, and the cost of many, many full-size portraits of Donald Trump to mount at intervals along the wall. They say it will cost up to $27 billion, so that means like $45 billion, so you better git to donatin’.

As for me, you can leave me out of paying for a stupid wall when bridges are falling down and I’m a lousy swimmer.

Steve Armantrout


Scam alert

I recently received a phone call from what was supposed to be Dish TV network. Their gist was they were changing something in their network that required their customers to upgrade their receivers at the cost of $150. They asked for information, including the code you provided upon joining their network.

We had company who thought it might be a scam and she ended the call. She then contacted the Dish TV network in Central Point and they confirmed that it was. They changed our code and directed us to their fraud unit.

I'm sure I'm not the only one in the area they have tried to scam, and wanted to let everyone know to hang up if you receive a call from them!

Mary Ann Carlson

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 1