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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 19

Check your filter

When the smoke was intermittent, with a break here and there, I would put a fresh filter in my air conditioning unit and just kept the fan going and cleaning the house air.

I heard a strange sound from the filter area and discovered the filter was so clogged, it was trying to suck the filter in — it looked like a basketball had impacted it. I changed it to a fresh one and two days in, I saw signs of it once again caving in. It looks like this might be a one dozen fresh filter month, or fall.

Check your filter.

And I'm kind of surprised the smoke alarm hasn't gone off.

Nicki Smith


Could not agree more

Loved the letter titled "enjoy the smoke" printed on Sept. 11.

Mr Hewitt hit the nail right on the head in pointing out the policies of the environmentalists and those of the same ideology working in the Forest Service and BLM. They are killing our forests and our ability to enjoy our public lands.

And yes, crazy land, aka California, mentality is quickly creeping into Oregon.

Cliff Geddis


Discourse deteriorates

Since the election, the level of civil discourse as reflected in letters to the editor and the offerings of columnists has badly deteriorated. It's become so unpleasant that I could well imagine a self-identified Republican announcing that he or she would, at a suitable public forum, recite the alphabet, only to have some hysteric shriek that giving precedence to the letter "A" was obscene letterism, and yet more proof that Trump is a Nazi.

I know that the Mail Trib's editorial page editor would like to have more letters from other than Trump-haters. But who wants to write a letter, only to have their opinions viciously misrepresented by some other writer? Only those with thick skins.

C.S. Chase


Thanks for the support

Thank you everyone who helped to make the Third Annual Paws for a Cause Dog Walk and Fair that benefited Friends of the Animal Shelter a success and fun for all.

Thank you to the participants and dogs, loyal volunteers, generous sponsors, Nature's Pet for hosting, vendors, distributors and many more. Looking forward to next year.

Lorna Bolton, volunteer and event coordinator


Thanks for the thoughtfulness

I was shopping at Ray's Food Place in Phoenix on Sunday and somehow lost my debit card. I went to my car to get my checkbook and was quite upset while writing my check.

After I got home, the store called me and I had hoped they found my card. As it turned out, a gentleman that was in line behind me apparently asked what happened after I left. He told them to tear up my check and he paid for my groceries. I thank him and hope he reads the paper.

There are still a lot of thoughtful people in this crazy world. Of course I immediately called my bank and canceled my card.

Thanks again, sir, you are a gentleman.

Ruth Davis


Letters to the Editor, Sept. 19