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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 2

Support national parks

On Sept. 30, Crater Lake National Park will offer free admission. As residents and visitors enjoy this beautiful place for free, we should take a moment to appreciate how important the park is to Southern Oregon’s economy.

According to the National Park Service,  Crater Lake visitors spent over $65 million in local communities and that spending supported over 1,000 jobs. As the owner of Jacksonville’s Elan Guest Suites and Gallery, I know many of our visitors use our hotel as a base camp from which to explore the park and the surrounding areas.

Crater Lake is dealing with $85 million worth of needed maintenance to critical park infrastructure like roads, trails, and buildings that the Park Service has not had the funds to tackle. As more tourists visit the park each year and park infrastructure ages, we need to ensure that the deferred maintenance backlog does not become a deterrent to future visitors to the park and to Southern Oregon. That's why I am a supporter of the National Park Service Legacy Act, a bipartisan congressional bill that would help Crater Lake and other parks tackle necessary repairs that will keep visitors safe, happy and coming back for repeat visits.

Cherie Reneau


Get out

The superintendent of the Air Force Academy gave a statement on a racial slur found on a message board. In essence, he told whoever wrote the slur they have no place in the academy. I quote General Silveria, "If you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, then you need to get out."

Good idea. It should apply to all, including President Trump. Just the other day he called the NFL players "sons of *******." I cannot nor am I willing to type the entire word for this letter. When Trump feels criticism, he lashes out with insults and slurs. No one is immune to his slurs.

Please Mr. Trump, follow your general's advice: Get out!

Bob Williamson


Repay the taxpayers

Why did Thomas E. Price, M.D., health and human services secretary,  feel he had the right to spend my hard-earned tax dollars on privately chartered flights?

I then heard that because of the extreme backlash he was receiving for wasting the American people's money in such a selfish way, he offered to pay back a small portion of it basically to save his job.

His bio at hhs.gov states, "Additionally, he recognizes the Department must be efficient, effective and accountable ...”

How about demonstrating to the American public that he can be ‘efficient, effective and accountable’ by repaying the full amount of our frivolously spent tax dollars plus interest?

Tom Price resigned shortly after I sent this letter to the Mail Tribune. In my opinion, I feel his resignation does not exempt him from repaying the $500,000 that he spent inappropriately. It’s our tax dollars that should be used for much more important issues. Tom Price has a net worth of more than $10 million.

Paying back the half-million should be no real skin off his back.

Steven C. Thomas, D.O.


Letters to the Editor, Oct. 2