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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 18

Support tribes' wishes

I am asking that the Jackson County commissioners will support the wishes of the indigenous tribes of the area when they vote on the renaming of Dead Indian Memorial Road. I encourage them to get input from the tribal elders, and younger generations, who will have to explain to their descendants the history of the name of Dead Indian Memorial Road.

I moved to the Rogue Valley in 1995. I thought the name of the road was odd. My initial reaction was that it was also derogatory.

I looked up the history of the road, and while still not thrilled with the name, I believe there was no malice intended. That being said, I would not want to see a road named Dead Caucasian/Cracker Memorial Road or Dead Black/Negro Memorial Road either.

The people who may be most aggrieved by this are the descendants of the "dead Indians." In essence, the name of the road is the headstone for their ancestors.

Shouldn't they get to decide what that market says?

Usually, I like my opinion to be considered, but in this instance the only opinions that should matter are those of the tribes.

Robert Soltz


Professors admirable

I am writing in regard to the student who is suing SOU because he failed two classes.

Instead of asking why two professors failed this student, maybe SOU needs to ask itself why the student's previous instructors gave passing grades to a person who basically can’t read or write. I think the two professors who refused to take the easy way out and pass the student are admirable for recognizing the fact that some people just aren’t college material.

Maureen Stewart


Letters to the Editor, Oct. 18