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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 1

Housing crisis? Really?

Here at the Mariposa Townhomes in Medford, you will find hard-working tenants who have lived here for decades and retired tenants living on fixed incomes. But a new owner has taken over having CPM manage their new investment.

We have been given notices of rental increases, not unusual when a new owner takes over. However, this new owner has chosen to increase rent for tenants $200 to $300 a month, and not in increments but as a lump sum. Now the management company CPM, being so concerned for us residents is going to help find other housing, and contact the Housing Authority. Really, the Housing Authority can take two to four years with their wait list. They would like to help us find other housing?

Did someone say there is a housing crisis in the Rogue Valley?

Donna Peters, Mariposa resident


Going the extra mile

On Nov. 27, I was cleaning my driveway and gutter of leaves as the street cleaning truck was going up the hill and I tried frantically to get it all done before he came down my side, but to no avail. He waved as he passed by, but much to my surprise he turned around and re-cleaned my side, which I greatly appreciated.

Morton Brookler


Christmas card advice

Writing your Christmas cards? Read this first!

I'm one of the postal workers who will be running your Christmas cards though the machines at the USPS processing plant. Here are some simple rules to follow for best results:

1. Make sure your envelopes are sealed! A lot of mass-produced envelopes, especially the ones with foil inside, are very badly made and won't seal properly without added tape, particularly on the square-cornered flaps, which will catch and tear in the machine. Test your envelopes!

2. Be sure to attach enough postage. A heavy, thick or square letter will need more postage. My friends at the retail window will let you know the correct postage.

3. Putting a solid object (candy, key, necklace, flash drive) inside a regular envelope is not a good idea when sending through high-speed machinery with steel pinch rollers. Best to send in a box or padded envelope to be processed as a package.

This is the most exciting time of the year at the USPS. I want everyone to have a very merry Christmas, and for your cards and letters to get where they are going in one piece!

Roger Hawkins


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 1