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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 7

A great commentary

Omigosh — the commentary “Something’s clearly wrong with this retouched picture’ article on page A7 of your paper on Saturday really hit home!

Fake news, fake disasters, fake truths, and now, fake school pictures! No wonder recent generations are growing up with no sense of reality, responsibility or truth.

Governments, companies, politicians, schools, coaches, no matter what — it’s all about the almighty dollar and absolutely nothing about truth, self-worth, knowing right from wrong and being the best you can be without fake enhancements.

What a shame that schools/education cater to this. I’m sure glad I’m a dinosaur!

S. Davey


A reasoned solution

Tom Clunie's editorial Nov. 30 is a reasoned solution to an ongoing problem. "Boutique" ideas may be stylish photo ops to address widespread dilemmas like the homeless problem, but their implementation barely scratches the surface.

We need to cut thru the veil of political correctness and get to the heart of the problem. Barracks-type accommodations seem like a much more practical solution. If no such buildings exist locally, they would certainly be more cost-effective to build than "tiny houses." Like Tom said, how about a government by and for the people?

Barbara Donneaud


Enough was too much

Seriously, I wouldn’t worry too much about high-profile, wealthy celebrities or anyone else finally being held accountable for their egregious behavior and actions.

“Enough" was too much even “many, many years ago.” One can only imagine the numbers of careers that they ruined or derailed during the course of their tenure. And besides, at least they got to have one; a career, that is.

Mary Boucher


Ending Walden's scams

Greg Walden’s scamming of his constituents needs to be ended, and Jim Crary is just the person to do it.

Jim’s positions on the issues reflect those of most of us in District 2: He has a plan to end the corruption of big money in politics, beginning with his pledge not to take money from corporations or PACs. He supports a pragmatic strategy to combat climate change. He believes everyone who can pass a background check has a right to own a gun to hunt or defend themselves, but nobody needs an assault weapon to shoot a deer.

He promises to protect Social Security, ensure all workers a living wage, provide affordable health care, reform immigration and support women’s rights. In short, he would work for the benefit of you and me, in contrast to Walden, who works for the rich and powerful. Find out more at https://crary4congress.com/issues/.

Gretchen Ousterhout Hunter

Eagle Point


Recent media reporting of the Mariposa Townhomes rental increases may create the impression that CPM shares responsibility for the unfortunate situation. It does not.

The final decision on rents is the responsibility of the owner, in this case, Deluca. CPM should be commended for offering tenants a relocation discount of its fees. As a management company, that is about all they can do, and the offer shows compassion on their part.

By state law and regulations, management companies owe fiduciary loyalty to their principals; in other words, they are agents of the owner, not the tenants. The property owners make the final decisions, and therefore bear responsibility.

Deluca is within his rights in this situation. But hopefully, he will decide upon a course that shows concern for those less fortunate, and find a way to mitigate what, for many, is a tragedy.

Don Skillman


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 7