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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 12

More corporate welfare?

Do legislators passing major changes to the tax code understand how taxes are calculated? I discovered the complexities of the tax code while taking a Liberty Tax Class several years ago. Pages and pages of credits and other exemptions, which only benefit a lucky few, are added every year. There is no logic to them, only complicated rules, which change frequently. Those who can afford accountants benefit most.

The present tax plan will make taxes less complicated but more costly for many individuals, who don’t own businesses, by limiting the deductions that are allowed.

Which loopholes and subsidies (“corporate welfare”) are being removed to offset the permanent significant decrease in the corporate tax rate and pass-through business income rate? Businesses stand to gain additional benefits without consequences for bad behavior. What are the unintended consequences of the permanent changes? Will some businesses pay no income taxes while still receiving benefits from the federal government?

The proposed plan does not simplify the tax code. It does seem to hurt the poor and benefit the rich. Perhaps all legislators should be required to pass a tax class before serving in office to better understand the consequences of their actions?

Kathy Fennell


Survival is at stake

It is no longer a question of whether President Trump is legitimate. He is not. It is now nothing less than the survival of our democracy that is at stake if Trump is not removed from office soon. He has shown the world in already so many ways that he is not fit for the office but is deliberately deconstructing everything he touches.

Whether it is walking away from the Paris Climate Accord or decertifying the Iran nuclear deal without reason, insulting Mexico, Australia or the German chancellor, or spewing lies, insults and outrageous statements, not to mention attacking the FBI, the justice system and trying his best to delegitimize NATO, it is now abundantly clear this man is a clear and present danger to our country.

The State Department has been decimated and compromised. His approval rating in South Korea is 16 percent. All of the promises Trump made to his base (19- to 30-year-olds with a high school education), show what an outrageous liar he is. How do we end this nightmare? Answer: Mueller should indict Kushner and Don Jr. and throw as many years' jail time at them as possible and force him to resign.

Gerry Kirstein


Call Animal Control

Regarding "Help horses" (Dec. 6): I have walked or driven by the property the horses live on nearly every day for over 20 years now. One of the horses in question I believe has been there for at least 12 or 13 years.

They do in fact have a "dry place" to sleep. The letter writer must not have seen the larger shed directly in the back of the yard. And yes, it is large enough to hold both of them. They appear to me at least to be well fed. And personally I do not believe the mud reaches their knees. Horse lie in grass and dirt and mud, you know. Some quite like it.

The writer is that concerned, call Animal Control! I should point out that I do not in fact know the owners nor have ever spoken to them. I'm just pointing out what I have personally observed throughout the years. Those horses are fine. But again, if the writer is  that concerned, call Jackson County Animal Control. That's what they're there for.

Kylie Miller


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 12