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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 13

Partisan politics

Rather than accomplish the constitutional duty of passing a budget for the fiscal year, Congress wasted the year in efforts to undermine/eliminate the Affordable Care Act (an oxymoron because it did not create affordable health care). The efforts mostly failed.

Congress turned to creating tax reform they want signed into law by Christmas. The tax reform proposed is a planned Christmas gift for the wealthy and corporations. The middle class and poor will pay for this gift in future years.

Congress is stabbing the majority of the public in the back while they are preaching what they are doing is good for the public. It is good for one percent of the public, touch luck for the other 99 percent. Black's Law Dictionary defines partisan as "an adherent to a particular party or cause, as opposed to the public interest at large." Congress is showing its true adherence, which is not the public.

The nation is on the verge of another government shutdown due to Congress failing in its constitutional duty to pass a yearly budget. Congress plans to pass another temporary budget extension until Dec. 22 when they hope to have a budget passed. Pathetic.

Randall Hale


Voters need facts

The Mail Tribune warns against “mean-spirited attacks” in the upcoming race for State Senate District 3.

But civility is only part of what voters need. Voters also need meaningful information about the candidates.

When Alan DeBoer ran in 2016, his campaign was funded by $670,000 from such corporate special interests as Walmart, Chevron, Phillips 66, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of America, American Insurance Association, Liberty Mutual, Oregon Realtors, Boise Cascade, and AG-PAC, which represents companies like Monsanto and Syngenta.

The Mail Tribune never provided that information about the candidate it endorsed, even though the facts were available on the Oregon Secretary of State’s website.

Nor did the paper detail support received by DeBoer’s opponent from organizations in Oregon made up of women, working people, or supporters of clean air and water.

Whether voters equate funding from corporate special interests and funding from public interest groups is up to them — but it’s hard to make that judgment if the facts are hidden.

Voters also need actual commitments from the candidates. Would examining DeBoer’s record constitute a “mean-spirited attack”? Will the Mail Tribune ask each candidate how they have voted or will vote on specific upcoming issues, or just print general “trust me” rhetoric?

Matt Witt


Thanks for Advent Faire

I am touched and blessed by the Ashland First Presbyterian Church's Calvin Hall and the Rev. Dan Fowler for the lovely afternoon my elderly mother and I spent at their Advent Faire on Dec. 3.

We were treated to a festive afternoon of activities, and tables were full of wreaths and centerpieces, greens and ribbons galore. The volunteers were so friendly and made us feel welcomed; each parishioner visited my mother, who is in a wheelchair, making her feel valued and important. Her favorite activity was learning how to make a cake in a mug. Making hers was the first thing she did when she got home.

The bottomless bowls of homemade soup, bread and cookies rounded out our afternoon. There aren’t many places one can go for a whole afternoon of fun and festivities for $5 each and come home with swags and table-top greens for two households. What a pleasant way to start the Christmas season.

LaVerne Van Horn


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 13