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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 15

Rents are catching up

I have provided housing in the Rogue Valley for 41 years and have never been thanked for doing so. On the contrary, so often the landlord is the target of disdain.

For several years rents in the valley increased ever so slowly and did not even keep up with inflation. For example, from 1994-2003 I increased rents an average of 1.2 percent per year while inflation is recorded at 4 percent. Rents are now simply catching up to where they would have been if they had kept up with inflation.

Never do you mention regular increases in taxes, utilities, insurance and all other expenses. Maintenance costs have gone through the roof. Check the cost of a water heater at your local hardware store. Oh, and did I mention the junkie that trashes his/her home and leaves the landlord with $8,000 in damage? That’s the shoplifting of the rental business — everyone pays — and it’s getting worse. And now government interference is also causing rental increases.

If you’re going to report on rent increases, then report an honest, balanced story. Otherwise the reporting is nothing more than emotion. Is this type of reporting what is referred to as “fake news?”

Michael Baker

Central Point

Taking the higher road

I know Jeff Golden and I trust he will run on a platform of issues vitally important to Southern Oregonians rather than negative innuendos and slurs of other candidates. It’s about time our country takes a higher road, and I know Jeff will do that.

Elizabeth Snyder


Cartoon disappointing

The political cartoon by Stahler you published Dec. 7 is a lie! What does that accomplish? The bakeries that have come under fire for not making cakes for gay weddings have consistently and forthrightly said they would (and did) sell anything from their stores to anyone. No sign in the window refusing sales to anyone for any reason. To specifically make a cake for a wedding is to participate in that service, just as playing music, arranging flowers, etc. They have the right to not take part in something they believe is wrong.

Very disappointing.

Rosemarie Atterbury


Republican tax cut bills

We need to keep America great and work to make it greater. To do this, I believe we need healthy and educated citizens. We need to have everyone contributing as much as possible to themselves, their families and the country.

We now have a Congress that is working against this. They want to cut funding for health care and education. Their tax bill would raise taxes for many middle-class or poor Oregonians. Their tax bill would result in a huge increase to the deficit. When large corporations, the military or the rich ask for more money, their response is sure, how much do you want. When money is requested to keep the Children’s Health Insurance Program funded, their response is that we don’t have enough money. To the middle class and poor, they suggest going to church and praying. The values demonstrated by Republicans in Congress are extremely perverted and immoral.

Bob Williams

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 15