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Letters to the editor: Dec. 22, 2017

Help warm the ringers

For many years I was annoyed by the bell ringers outside many stores during the Christmas season. After all, I had just spent more than I could really afford on food for my family, and other essentials.

It wasn’t until my children were grown that I took time to think through what really bothered me. I was involved in the stresses of the season; my arms were full of bags or packages; I had a pocket full of receipts where cash used to be, and I was embarrassed by the needs of strangers.

A few years ago I tried an experiment. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I carried some folded dollar bills in an easily reached pocket. When I saw a bell ringer, I grabbed a dollar and stuffed it into the pot.

I discovered two things: this is easy, and I give away less than $20 this way during the season. Now I find myself looking for them, and I’m happy to see them

Try this yourself. It won’t cost you much. It’s cold out, and they’re trying to help people who are colder than they are. It sometimes looks like just seeing something going into the pot helps keep them warm.

It helps keep me warm.

Ed Chapman


Support rural health

Where you live should not determine the level of care you receive, or if you are able to receive care. Families living in rural communities deserve consistent access to quality health care. In some rural counties, more than a third of families rely on Medicaid. Without Measure 101, Medicaid funding would be slashed, impacting the health of families and local economies.

Medicaid is a critical resource for rural families and communities. Measure 101 protects Medicaid coverage for thousands of rural Oregonians.

According to a voter’s pamphlet statement submitted by rural hospitals and healthcare providers across the state, “Oregon’s rural uninsured rate fell by 51 percent between 2013 and 2015.” We need to build on that success to keep all of us healthy and stabilize costs. We can’t go back to a time when many people waited too long to go the doctor and ended up in the emergency room, or never even made it to the hospital. Families should not be put in that position.

People shouldn’t have to wait to see a doctor and end up in the hospital without health insurance. They shouldn’t go without care. Join me in voting yes on Measure 101 this January!

Rebecca Pearson


The treasonous cabal

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mary Lewis, Patrick Burch and L.J. Zinkand for their fine letters which expressed my exact feelings concerning Doug Dusenberry's delusional ramblings about #notmypresident Drumpf. I had been unable to get my letter under 200 words, there were just too many fallacies to address.

I would also like to thank the Mail Tribune and staff for their efforts at presenting both sides of many complicated issues over the last 12 months, and even presenting my often rambling thoughts on those subjects.

One last thought for Mr. Zinkand, you were not being imagining what you read in Doug Dusenberry's letter in his support of the treasonous cabal of thieves and grifters currently occupying the Peoples House and the Congress and Senate, said cabal being aided and abetted by the congressman from ORD2, Walden, who got $1,695,000 from the telecom industry before supporting the end of net neutrality, and giving control of the internet to companies like Verizon.

Ed Cooper

Gold Hill

Letters to the editor: Dec. 22, 2017