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Letters to the editor: Dec. 24, 2017

A solution for homeless

We talk and talk about the homeless situation which will only get worse as apartment availability goes down and rents go up. However, there is an obvious way to hose hundreds of homeless on a very short notice: Hire the companies that set up tent camps for firefighters!

Many years ago I was a driver for a fire crew near Oakridge, Oregon. A camp for over a thousand personnel including sleeping quarters, mess hall, first aid, showers, bathrooms and perimeter security was set up in just a few days. Add secure lockers for personal items, in tent heaters and lights and we could house the majority of the local homeless almost overnight.

All it would take would be community commitment and the passing of a bond issue to finance the project.

Warren Carlson


Dems, get over it

The hypocrisy of the leftist side of the country never ceases to amaze. They rant and rave about impeaching Trump, yet when Clinton was impeached it was no big deal. He continued on his merry way. They rant about Trump’s questionable actions with women yet when Clinton’s philandering continued into the White House no one cared. In front of the country, Hillary by his side propping him up, he lied. She denigrated his accusers - no one cared.

Impeach Trump? As with Clinton …. nothing …. life will go on, the country will continue to prosper. Why haven’t we heard about their great messiah to replace Trump? They have no one.

Then there was Pelosi standing in front of Congress, waiving the 1000-plus-page Obamacare fiasco shouting that in order to know what’s in it "you have to pass it." No one had even tried to read it. But the tax bill was vilified for weeks on end because notes were made in the margins and no one wanted to read it.

The Dems just cannot get over the fact that the country had the audacity to go against their demand to elect their unworthy candidate. As Obama told McCain, "We won, get over it."

P. Moran


Breath of fresh air

Thank you, Sen. Merkley, for opposing the Jordan Cove LNG export facility and natural gas pipeline. And thank you, Mail Tribune, for agreeing with him.

Your editorial of Dec. 14 repeated the reasons the senator cited for opposing the project — the threatened use of eminent domain to secure private property along the 230-mile pipeline, greenhouse gas emissions from the power plant needed to liquefy natural gas into LNG and promotion of fracked fossil fuel extraction. You added your concerns about the risk of catastrophe if Coos Bay is hit with the Big One, followed by a huge tsunami.

I agree with you that “federal regulators (FERC) should have enough justification to reject the Jordan Cove project for a second time.”

Your editorial was the breath of fresh air I needed after reading the guest opinion by three conservative county commissioners (one each from Klamath, Douglas and Coos) who wrote in support of Jordan Cove because it will create “thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of permanent ones” — wildly inflated claims. They claimed that gas is a safe fuel, except that leaks all along the way put tons of methane into the atmosphere — an even worse greenhouse gas than carbon.

Allen Hallmark