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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 28


With the advent of the Trump administration, besides increased border security and positive developments in national defense and foreign relations, Americans are enjoying an economic resurgence, including:

  • The highest consumer confidence in decades.
  • The Gross Domestic Product increased from below 2 percent for 32 quarters to above 3 percent. The New York Fed is projecting a 4 percent rate for the fourth quarter.
  • The stock market grew 25 percent, shrinking Oregon's PERS responsibility by $2 billion.
  • The lowest influx of illegal aliens in 45 years.
  • Companies are hiring; unemployment is falling.
  • Judges loyal to the Constitution, not ideological activists legislating from the bench, have been added to the federal judiciary.
  • Rolling back Title IX changes returned justice to victims of sexual assaults on college campuses.
  • Cutting the corporate tax rate to near parity with most developed nations, about 20 percent, will enable the repatriation of 3 trillion U.S. dollars parked in overseas banks, further stimulating the economy.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs has made great strides in fulfilling its core mission to veterans.

Yet, many express a deep personal resentment of President Trump and his accomplishments although they benefit the vast majority of Americans. Why? Is continued economic stagnation preferable?

Mitch Rofter


Save that tax break

When Congress passed and President Trump signed the tax bill of 2017, that no doubt was the easiest million-dollar paycheck he ever paid himself, with just the stroke of a pen. There was barely any review, no hearings, no debate, no bipartisanship, no dignity, no empathy, no profiles in courage from barely anyone.

If you are lucky enough to make a couple of hundred bucks on lower taxes this year, you are going to have to save, not spend those dollars for the next seven to eight years to have a large enough pool of money to pay your increase in taxes in 2025. There also was no long-term planning in the process, except to make permanent tax cuts for corporations and wealthy individuals.

You and I are not the billionaires and zillionaires Trump frolics with in his spare time. I don't think he knows or has befriended a single middle-class person. I don't like the three hard peas and slimy spinach he's put in the bottom of my Christmas stocking this year.

Democrats, Republicans and independents should send this President Ebenezer Scrooge back down his rat hole at Mar a Lago permanently ASAP.

Don Heath


Drop plastic bags

This seems to be the perfect time to highly suggest we join the other areas that have discontinued the use of plastic bags, even though plastic bags were not part of China's recycling acceptable list.

Just take a look at the roadsides in almost any part of town and you will begin to notice bag after bag after bag. Some hooked on trees, some on bushes, and some floating around like snowdrifts.

Come on, it doesn't take but a few trips into one of Ashland's locations to remember your bag! Plus no more trying to find uses or places to stuff the used bags that are not too great at bio-degrading.

Now is the time we can find the strength to do this! Our entire area will be so much better for it!

L. Borum

Central Point

Threat to bomb the Pacific

I listen to all the news pundits exclaiming about the threats between DJT and Kim Jong Un and the latest one — that Kim will explode a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean.

What the hell! Bombing the world's ocean! What about the health of the ocean? What about the creatures of the ocean? How do we make these bully pulpiteers disappear? They have absolutely no awareness of the planet they live with/on/in.

Jill Iles


Letters to the Editor, Dec. 28