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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 3

Almost a believer

I noticed the following article in the Jan. 18 Mail Tribune, “Mild winter proves the superiority of oregon climate."

The article stated: “While the Klamath residents who went to Florida to enjoy the winter season are chattering with the cold and blizzards that are sweeping the over the middle west, the people here are enjoying summer picnic excursions,” says the Klamath Falls Herald on Jan. 14.

The weather here has been mild, and the weather in the Southeast has been wintry, with frosts and snow in Florida and Texas.

So I start thinking, maybe this global warming/climate change theory that 71 percent of the scientists advocate is really real?

The article also said: “we certainty feel that the climate in Curry County is equal to, and the surroundings more beautiful than boasted in California.”

A recent letter to the editor said that it has been unusually warm here and the man-made carbon dioxide emissions were causing this warm weather. It also mentions the cold weather elsewhere confirming climate change.

Then I noticed that the heading of the article was in the “100 YEARS AGO” section and was dated Jan. 18, 1918!

Seems like weather tends to repeat itself.

J. Fox


No apologies

I'm sorry Jim Jean (Jan. 21) feels he has to apologize for those of us who voted for Trump. Clearly there's no need for us to apologize for a GDP above 3 percent, a record high Dow Jones, higher wages and bonuses for employees thanks to the new tax bill, the decimation of ISIS, consumer confidence at a 17-year high, a goal of energy independence, helping our veterans, a strengthened military and a lower unemployment rate (which includes a 6.8 percent rate for African-Americans, the lowest since 1972 when the data was first reported).

If Hillary Clinton had been elected she would have continued President Obama's failed policies that led to a stagnant economy, a growth in ISIS numbers, the bad-mouthing of America and more scandals. We dodged having First Dude Bill and possible further hijinks in the White House.

Regarding weapons of mass destruction, it is well known that intelligence agencies around the world, Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi all believed that Saddam Hussein had them, so that ship has sailed.

So we Trump voters, without apologies, say “stay the course” and continue to make America great again.

Maureen Stewart


From outrage to responsibility

Seems there was somewhat less attendance at this year’s Women’s March in Southern Oregon, but wait — neither Klamath nor Josephine County hosted marches in 2017. Both counties had marches of their own this year, perhaps reflecting growing grass-roots participation even in our smaller local communities.

Nationally, it’s possible that political exhaustion may explain the difference; Trump could exhaust just about anyone! The 2017 march was a protest rally, while the 2018 march was a positive change rally — a call to action. The large numbers turning out for a positive change rally are incredibly exciting!

As Jessica Sage (S.O. Indivisible) put forth in her speech, this year’s march marks the evolution of outrage into responsibility. This year captures our American spirit, determination and resiliency. It reflects the powerful shift coming into this nation’s consciousness. Women are committing to a deeper resolve to impact and change the political system. Getting into the system to change the system is crucial.

Perhaps an accurate summary of the 2018 Women’s March is this quote from a participant in Wisconsin: “Last year, I felt kind of angry and impassioned. This year I’m in it for the long haul.”

Kiki Cruess


Drive to destruction

The Trump administration decision to slap 30 percent tariffs on solar reinforces this administration's drive toward destruction of our economy and our drive to a better future.

I’m glad that these guys aren’t in charge of designing our airplanes or anything else that will take us into a bright future.

If you want dark, look no further than yesterday; Trump is taking us into dark places, both in government and industry, it’s all about money, from a short sided perspective from folks that have it all and that’s still not enough.

Real-world economics will prevail, but this terrible lesson in the hazards of democracy hopefully will wake us all up.

Resist, resist and resist some more.

Jim Akins


Thanks for support

We would like to thank all staff and participants for their help and support in the first annual Strike out Cystic Fibrosis Bowling Tournament Fundraiser held Jan. 8-12 at Lava Lanes and Roxy Ann Lanes.

This fundraiser supports a local organization call Carly Cares, facilitated by the Asante Foundation. Carly Cares provides extra needed financial support to families in Southern Oregon for incurred medical supplies, bills and hospitalization costs.

Cystic Fibrosis is a progressive genetic disease that causes deterioration of the lungs and other organs and eventually results in respiratory failure.

Thank you so much for your generous support! Looking forward to your community support in 2019.

Bruce Dickens, Mony Bristow, Joanne Dickens and Heather Lane


Letters to the Editor, Feb. 3