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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 10

Judge less

We are a divided nation and many things are happening today: It says in Matthew 24, “wars, famines, illnesses, and global warming will be signs of end times. Many will be offended, shall betray and hate one another.”  Isn’t this  happening right now?

Sincere Christians live by values that others claim are racist, bigoted, archaic and foolish.  We all have flaws. When we point one finger at others, three point directly back to ourselves. Christians trust in the Lamb of God, not donkeys or elephants.

History continues to repeat itself and through hundreds of Bible events going back 4,000 years, both goodness and  judgment  prevail. There is such hatred today and people are so gnarled up!  We need to quit pointing fingers, saying things unkindly.

I recently went on a two-week trip to Israel with a group from my church.  It was the most phenomenal trip, safest place in the world among several groups of peoples that exist in the Old City!  We walked the places Jesus walked, taught, and studied nearly 50 Bible passages at those places. For me, it all boiled down to this:  Love more, Judge less!  Can we ? 

Debbie Dauenhauer


Now I'm scared

I have been angry at the federal government many times for taking irresponsible actions. The invasion of Iraq and the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord are cases in point. With Donald Trump’s election, we have at best, a bully, and at worst, a traitor, in control of the executive, and de facto, the legislative branches of government. The president is now in the process of dismantling the judicial. Now I’m scared.

The Republican-controlled Congress goes along with about any maneuver the president takes to stop the investigation of his probable collusion with Russia in interfering with our elections. Trump’s refusal to apply sanctions against Russia and his firing of officials who don’t protect him from scrutiny speaks volumes about someone with something to hide. His firing of Special Counsel Mueller would create a constitutional crisis.

As long as Republicans blindly follow President Trump in order to retain power, things will get worse. If all branches of government fall under his control, it isn’t inconceivable that our democracy could morph into an autocracy or dictatorship. In the short time Republicans have controlled Congress, they have demonstrated they can neither represent us nor protect the nation from a dangerous president.

Kathy Svendsen

Grants Pass

The Paris Workaround

When I read last summer that the United States had pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, it felt like a betrayal, a punch in the gut. By now, every other nation has signed on, pledging to restrain the rapidly rising global average temperature by promoting safer, saner energy policies.

I want a do-over. But how?

True, Oregon isn’t a nation. We can’t sign on to the Paris agreement. But we are not helpless. We can do something practical, sensible and powerful — and we don’t need permission from the Oval Office.

The Clean Energy Jobs bill is coming before the state Legislature this month. This measure would:

  • Cap Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions, incentivizing top polluters to find cleaner ways of doing business.
  • Steer an estimated $700 million toward a greener, more stable economy, investing in job training and rural areas.
  • Protect Oregonians hardest hit by climate change.

We can make this happen by reaching out to our two state legislators (senator and representative) by phone, email, or an old-fashioned letter. Find out who your legislators are here: https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/findyourlegislator/leg-districts.html.

We can’t wait another year.

Eleanor Ponomareff


Abortion is about killing

Abortion isn't about controlling your body. It's about killing the innocent human living inside. Pregnant mothers have no right to kill their babies because intentionally killing an innocent human is a human rights atrocity. You have no right to treat another human being as a piece of meat to be disposed of like garbage.

Furthermore, parents have obligations to care for their children because parents cause their children’s needs. Children’s needs begin before birth; therefore, so does parental obligation. Parental obligation naturally requires parents' bodies, thus parental obligation trumps bodily rights. Obviously, obligations should be enforced by law, consequently abortion should be illegal.

Some, like Chuck Lacey, believe pregnant mothers will continue to kill their babies even if abortion were illegal. Some will, but most won’t. For example, Rebecca Kiessling is alive today because abortion was illegal when she was in her mother’s womb. Pregnant mothers will obey the law and hundreds of thousands of babies will be saved every year.

Along with making abortion illegal, we must teach the truth about the humanity of unborn babies. This will encourage mothers and fathers to value their babies before birth and avoid the horrible guilt that comes from killing them.

Drew Hymer


Letters to the Editor, Feb. 10