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Letters To The Editor, Feb. 11

Get rid of the comments

The comment section of the Mail Tribune website is abhorrent. Written by the same small group of people using anonymous monikers spouting hateful and racist rhetoric that makes us all in Southern Oregon look like troglodytes.

If I wasn't from here and I read the comments left on every single letter or editorial on this site I'd think Medford was Mississippi in 1950. Get rid of it, it serves no purpose except to give a minuscule population a forum for their hate and dissuades good people from expressing their community concerns.

Dan Farmer


Just say no to smart meters

As if we aren't exposed to myriad of electronic magnetic and radio frequencies, the power company is planning to install a smart meter in your home. It will benefit the power company, but there's no evidence it will be safe for you.

David Carpenter, a public health physician, as well as numerous engineers report the downside of these meters. They can increase your risk of cancer, have an adverse effect on your nervous and reproductive system, among other negative side effects.

Keep your tried and true analog meter, which emits no radiation.

A smart meter would be on 24/7, and monitors your usage. Do you want or need more surveillance ?

J.R. Hunts


Trump is a liar

Donald Trump is a compulsive liar. According to some sources, more than 2,000 times in the last year alone. He has lied so many times in the past, how can you believe what he says in the future? If he looked up and said what a beautiful blue sky, I would not believe him.

Secondly, why does he have to include derogatory names for anyone he considers an enemy? He cannot say Clinton without including crooked with her name. She is not alone. My parents taught me to be respectful to everyone. He is not.

Bob Williamson


Republicans hate Social Security

Regarding Valerie Smullen’s “mad as hell” letter of Jan. 30: She is critical of insufficient COLA increases to Social Security, Medicare premium increases, and Obama’s “socialistic policies.”

Has she been so totally brainwashed by the relentless BS. of Fox Noise as to be ignorant of basic facts about Social Security’s 80-year history? That the ever-present gazillionaire types (still!) behind the Republican Party (and Fox) have always hated Social Security? Ever since it was established back during the 1930s by the GOP’s favorite “socialistic demon,” the Democrats’ New Deal? That the GOP opposed Social Security with all its might, and has long considered it outright socialism, spending decades trying to destroy it? Most recently trying to turn it into a Wall Streeter’s dream: a private-investment scheme, vulnerable to the effects of a deregulated stock market and banking system like the one that led to the 2007-2008 financial disaster that wiped out so many Americans’ retirements?

I wonder her reaction when the Donald starts cutting our precious socialist security and socialist Medicare programs in response to budgeting under needless tax cuts to the wealthy and permanent 14 percent cuts to corporations.

Alas, there’s indeed a “Fox” in that letter writer’s henhouse. Too bad.

Joseph Bova


Letters To The Editor, Feb. 11