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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 14

Misplaced social engineering

Michelle Glass’s guest opinion on housing is a classic example ripped from the Saul Alinsky playbook. Glass cleverly weaves in three pillars of progressive strategy: 1) class warfare — you should be guilty for owning your own home; 2) tax it — “enact a small construction excise tax ...”; and, of course, 3) income redistribution — require a builder to give away part of his efforts to others.

Despite the glaring truth that there is no societal mandate to provide housing to every knapsack that comes north on Interstate 5, politicians and progressives like Glass continue to refuse to accept the economic fact that housing has always been and will continue to be market-force driven and a profit-based enterprise for those entrepreneurs who risk going down that road.

Neither the Oregon Legislature nor local politicians should be in the business of misplaced social engineering and hell-bent faux "solutions" that impose developer restrictions, rent controls, eviction controls, paying moving costs for tenants, etc. These are actions that will factually result in higher rents and a shortage of rental properties. It is sheer progressive folly. Rather, planning departments should be lowering fees and streamlining the permit process. The less politician involvement, the better!

Ted Krempa


Campaign of lies

As the legislative session opens, corporate and outsider money and lies are flowing into Oregon trying to fattening their own pockets by confusing our legislators — even as they destroy life as we know it on this planet.

We have a chance to become a global leader in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously stimulating the economy and serving the economic needs of depressed communities across the state. Rural Oregon particularly will gain from this proposal.

But corporate interests who have profited substantially for years from pumping their pollutants into our air and water are fighting back with the usual sacks of money and campaigns of lies.

Because Clean Energy Jobs is modeled on programs in effect in other states, we know how it will likely affect us here. The lies notwithstanding, gas prices in Ontario, Quebec and California fell following the installation of a cap-and-trade program. It is a total myth (i.e. bald-faced lie) that fuel prices will inevitably rise. Similarly, since a greenhouse gas cap was enacted in nine Northeastern states, electricity bills have not risen; they have fallen.

While corporate exploiters and their political lap dogs peddle lies, we support Clean Energy Jobs for Oregon .

Alan Journet, co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN)


Decimal point misplaced

Regarding the Medford city manager's raise: Surely that decimal point must be too far to the right by about two zeros! If he or any other city employee likes the wages in a different city, they should apply. My 2 percent raise netted me a negative 20 cents per month.

Tanya Dehart


Must be

So, the stock market lost approximately 2,000 points in less than two weeks. It must be Obama's fault.

Michael Shanafelt


Letters to the Editor, Feb. 14