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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 15

SOU students want to be heard

Last year SOU students faced a big loss when the Higher Education Coordinating Commission ignored student input and approved a 12 percent tuition increase, despite countless testimonies from students stating that increase would drown them in debt or price them out of their education entirely.

It’s evident the process needs more structure to ensure students have an equal say in the process, where the needs and experiences of everyone are considered. The Student Voice and Transparency Act would make the tuition-setting process more fair and timely for students. The criteria institutions would be required to follow are very similar to the governor's recommendations that universities followed last year.

Institutions proved they have the ability to follow the criteria; now we need to hold them accountable to their commitment to include students.

I urge the members of the state House and Senate Higher Education committees to approve House Bill 4141. I urge Sen. Alan Deboer and Rep. Pam Marsh to support this bill should it come to the floor. Southern Oregon University students and constituents need your support and vote!

Daryl Maplethorpe, ASSOU student body president


I won't renew

I won’t renew my MT subscription. Every morning, I open the MT to nothing but negative crap from the AP, the Washington Post and whatever other negative source you can publish, at a time when our nation has turned to a positive economy, 2.4 million new jobs and growing, a Dow that has grown by 8,000 points in just one year, manufacturers returning and a tax reform that guarantees future and solid growth. Additionally, the unemployment rate for blacks and Hispanics is now at the lowest ever recorded.

Yet, all you can find to publish is negative. Who wants to wake up to your paper every morning unless they really cherish a bad mood? You love Toles’ negative political cartoons that insult every person who voted for Trump — and yet your newspaper is published in a Trump-loving red area of Oregon. You’re not changing any minds, and few employers want to advertise jobs in your paper because you have such a terrible subscription rate. That is why they are advertising their job opportunities on their doors.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Cathy Noah, Bob Hunter or Gary Nelson, you haven’t changed one bit.

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

Thanks for Sjolund story

Thank you for the interview with Lynn and Doris Sjolund in the Feb. 4 paper. Both of them have had a significant impact on local students and adults. They are such warm and caring people in addition to their musical expertise.

We always have appreciated Lynn's introducing high school students to some of the greatest music literature. We sometimes forget that audiences are receptive to and appreciative of hearing and learning about the world's finest music.

So, thank you, Mail Tribune, for reminding us about this fine couple. We are all better people for their shared joy in music and generous lives lived out among us.

Robert and Joanne Wilcox

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 15