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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 16

Protect the FBI

I am a retired FBI agent whose career focus was counter-intelligence vs. the Soviet Intelligence Services. I requested FISA warrants for electronic surveillance and later approved such requests as a supervisor. Later still, on staff at FBI Headquarters, I drafted affidavits for warrants, obtained their approval by the director and the attorney general, and testified to them before the FISA Court.

I can’t overemphasize that every agent testifying in such circumstances has (or should have) excruciatingly tested the facts he/she provides in obtaining this most intrusive authority to override Fourth Amendment rights of U.S. citizens. Each time I appeared before that court and raised my  hand to affirm the truth of my testimony, I experienced a palpable, intense feeling of responsibility and a cold clutch in my gut.

If the Steele Dossier was used as even partial basis to obtain a FISA warrant targeting "U.S. persons" in the Trump campaign, and it is shown that an FBI official testified, knowingly aware of false or unverifiable information therein, then that person should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We can’t let rot at the top of the DOJ and the bureau destroy the hard-won reputation of our FBI.

George Mozingo


VA failed man who got shot

As a Vietnam veteran I am angered by what happened to a veteran in crisis after repeatedly seeking help from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

I wasn’t there. I did not see what happened. Physical violence occurred, so the situation undoubtedly became dangerous.

That veteran is being charged with numerous criminal offenses; his lawyer should plead not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. Do not further punish a man who put it all on the line for our freedom and came home damaged.

It is appalling that this should happen to even one veteran. Four times he came to the VA and asked for help. And four times the help he received was inadequate. Clearly in crisis, his pleas grew louder and more confrontive. He got shot.

The young men I see in the sweat lodge at the White City VA are often on the edge of crisis. There are proven ways to interact with these people. In this instance protocols were not in place.

Yes, people in crisis can be a danger, to themselves and others. In this case it ended in extreme physical violence. It could have been prevented.

Jack Duggan


Distressing things

We have heard some very distressing things about our president lately. There are many people in high places who are doing everything they can to replace him.

They want a "New World Order" and President Trump wants the United States to remain a sovereign nation. This "New World Order" they want is a one-world government they call globalism. We heard Hal Lindsay talking about this subject on his TV program recently. He mentioned that John Kerry told a member of Hamas that "Mr. Trump will be out of office within a year."

Many believe that a deep state or a shadow government exists and is fighting everything our president does. They are using the FBI along with the Department of Justice and the media to succeed in their attempts to replace him. I hope this is not true, but time will tell. Please pray for our nation.

Gordon DeVos


Letters to the Editor, Feb. 16