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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 17

Don't cherry-pick verses

If one reads the Quran in Arabic, they will be able to read it exactly as it was written. Not one letter is changed. Those who must rely on translations have to be careful to find one that is close to the original meaning. When there are atrocities committed by so-called Muslims, some people immediately quote lines in the Quran which seem to give permission to kill, without learning how they were revealed and under what circumstances.

God revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammed over 25 years. For 13 years the Muslims suffered persecution for practicing Islam in Mecca. They didn’t retaliate. They fled to the Jewish city of Medina, where Muhammad and city leaders formed The Constitution of Medina, creating a unified secular state. Persecutors in Mecca followed the Muslims to Medina, and it was then revealed in the Quran to defend themselves. This is where the “kill them where you find them” line comes from. But the rules of battle are clear.

Islam encourages increasing knowledge. I invite Ira Edwards, who seems like he has some questions, to contact us at the Masjid Al Tawheed anytime. We would love to sit down with him for tea.

Mary Foster, secretary, Masjid Al Tawheed


Animal cruelty unacceptable

With the Olympics upon us in Pyongchang, darkness lies behind the scenes. In thousands of intensively bred, commercial dog meat farms, an estimated 2.5 million dogs yearly are pitifully confined to small, barren, outdoor cages. Their immensely suffering lives entail perpetual fear, boredom, hunger and disease, resulting in self-mutilation and fighting.

If they survive their one year, their fate is a protracted death of 40 hours of torture including skinning and boiling alive while other dogs watch, awaiting their turn. Others are torn one limb at a time in order to prolong the agony, all in the name of superstition that tortured meat will enhance sexual virility.

Humane Society International is moving to save these dogs. By showing dog meat farmers that alternative humane livelihoods exist and uniting governments for practical support to end this horrendous trade, we will achieve an end to the dog meat industry, which is unmonitored and unaccepted by most South Koreans.

This barbaric industry has no basis in promoting the culture or tradition of the Korean people, but is driven purely by greed.

Please join me in boycotting the Winter Olympics, making a statement to end this practice once and for all.

Lisa A. Frost



Previously, I offered tangible benefits Americans are enjoying under President Trump's leadership. Others are:

The war against business is over. Petty, nonsensical, punitive regulations have been rolled back. Employment is increasing, with black and Hispanic unemployment at record lows. More than 250 major corporations have given huge bonuses and increased 401(k) contributions. Not only is the country energy-independent, but we can offset Russian hegemony by exporting natural gas to Eastern Europe. The "collusion delusion" collapsed from lack of evidence. The left regroups behind name-calling for lack of anything positive to say and evidence-free "obstruction" claims. The more the country improves and becomes stronger, the angrier the left becomes.

With the president enjoying about 93 percent negative press coverage, the Democratic Party, unable to offer anything positive, has fallen back on what didn't happen (Mueller is still working!) and strategic leaks, to keep the attention of the masses off their own problems. Some complain that the tax cuts will increase the debt, disregarding the data that previous tax cuts, those of Presidents Grant, Kennedy and Reagan, resulted in an increase in government revenue because more people were working and more commercial goods were sold and traded.

Why the resentment?

Mitch Rofter


Shut down Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade is predicated on a lie. When the legality of abortion was being discussed, the justices couldn't ascertain the beginning of life in the womb. They simply assumed it was indeterminate, and in that assumption, they decided for abortion. The assumption proved to be a lie. Today's medical technology shows that life begins at conception and a sonogram unmistakably reveals that a pregnant woman carries in the womb, not a rabbit or a kangaroo, but a human being, a human baby.

It's interesting to note that when abortionists speak of abortion, they don't associate abortion with killing. They refer to it as pro-choice. It's a sad commentary on our society that our choice in this matter approves the killing of babies in the womb. Since Roe v. Wade, abortion advocates have killed some 60 million unborn babies.

Bobby Abernathy calls for the protection of Roe v. Wade (guest opinion, Jan. 21). That is, he's for perpetuating the lie about abortion and, thereby, advocating for more murders of the unborn. I earnestly plead with his sense of humanity: Lend a voice to the voiceless infants in the womb, and join us to shut down Roe v. Wade.

Terry Duran


Saddened by firing

I’m saddened and surprised by the firing of Talent’s city manager, Tom Corrigan, as reported in this newspaper. While serving on the city’s volunteer Parks Commission, I dealt with Tom a lot. Under his watch, a splash pad, beach volleyball, and walking trail were added to Chuck Roberts Park, and our dog park was built.

Whenever I emailed him with a maintenance concern, he usually responded within minutes, and the problem was fixed within 24 hours. He attended just about every Parks Commission meeting, and many parks events. Therefore, I was surprised that a reason for his firing was that he was often absent from his post.

He advised community groups, such as Friends of Wagner Creek, on their parks projects. Therefore, I was surprised that he was depicted as a hot-tempered person who couldn’t get along with people.

There were times when he frustrated the Parks Commission by being an absolute stickler for rules. Therefore, I was surprised that he was charged with playing loose with ethics guidelines.

I’m not claiming that the charges against him were fabricated, only that they were not apparent from my parks perspective. Tom improved our community through his commitment to our parks.

Paul Hadella


Letters to the Editor, Feb. 17