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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 18

Meals on Wheels vans vandalized

For the third time this year one of our Food & Friends Meals on Wheels vans, parked at a facility on State Street in Medford, was vandalized. In all three instances the gas tanks were drilled for their $50 or so of gas.

To replace the tank on one of these vehicles is $1,250. The vans are clearly marked with a picture of a meal delivery being made to a home-bound senior, so no chance the perpetrators didn’t realize what they were doing. Given that the delivery by one of our volunteers of a hot meal to a senior unable to leave his or her home costs approximately $8, stealing that gas and damaging these vehicles is the equivalent of taking 500 hot meals away from some of the most vulnerable residents in the Rogue Valley.

For some of these seniors this is the only meal they will have in a day, and our volunteers’ visits are their only opportunity to interact with a human being. So good job to whomever is responsible for damaging these vehicles — I hope you never have a loved one who ends up needing the kindness and caring that this program and our volunteers provide, because you or someone like you may make that impossible.

Michael Cavallaro, executive director, Rogue Valley Council of Governments


Jacksonville is threatened

Jacksonville has the designation of being on the National Historic Registry, and that status is slowly being eroded by the ambitions of entrepreneurs intent on usurping historic views the public has enjoyed for years.

The weakness of our current city government has provided easy opportunity to those with wealth and influence to develop lots which have blocked or obstructed the views of existing historic structures or views to historic structures.

Even though we have guidelines set down by the Historic Charter to prevent our oldest buildings from being “overwhelmed” by new, three-story construction, those guidelines are ignored with repeated responses by the city apologizing for their mistakes.

I know that the city always expresses a sincere reverence for Jacksonville’s historic significance, but when it comes to their actions, the total opposite keeps happening.

Unfortunately, “exemptions” to our guidelines is a common tool that has dug its way into the vocabulary of our politicians.

We must join together to stop this quiet robbery going on right in front of us or we permanently lose our views to a past that belongs to all of us.

Steven A. Gardner


Pitiful leadership

So POTUS DJT thinks the Democrats who did not stand or applaud his State of the Union address are treasonous? Last time I checked, we are not living in North Korea or Nazi Germany. This is what separates the U.S. from dictatorships.

On the other hand, you have DJT, the day after he fires the head of the FBI, giving away top secret info to the ambassador of Russia in the Oval Office, of all places. In addition, his son DJT Jr., his son-in-law and others meet in Trump Tower in 2016 to get alleged harmful information on HRC from a Russian attorney and crony of Putin. Who committed the greater harm?

All I can say is that I am grateful my Republican parents are not alive to see what has become of their party and its pitiful leadership. Also, the idea of a U.S. military parade is in keeping with DJT's love affair and fascination with the despots of the world and a waste of taxpayer money. H.L. Mencken was correct back in 1920, “ the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

Chris Glud


Letters to the Editor, Feb. 18