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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 21

Cherry-picked examples

David Churchman's extremely cherry-picked examples in his letter published Feb. 7 would have us believe that liberals are closer to fascists than conservatives by pointing out that, horrors, fascists and liberals both support the idea that 18-year-olds should have the right to vote.

Never mind that it was the conservatives in Charlottesville who used Nazi symbols, not the liberals who counter-protested their racism, or that it was conservatives who sided with George Wallace against African-American voting rights and liberals who fought for every citizen's right to vote. Churchman's basic argument is that if the Italian or German fascists wanted a social change, that change was bad. While Italian fascism was a horrible thing, women should have the right to vote even if Mussolini thought so too.

Mike Jensen


Global cooling

Although I agree with the sentiments expressed by Debbie Dauenhauer in her letter in the Feb. 10 MT, I take exception to her reading of Matthew 24 regarding global warming.

A careful reading of that chapter in the King James, Amplified, English Standard, and several other scholarly translations and versions of the New Testament turns up no reference to global warming, much less a direct quote. I believe the Bible to be the written, inerrant, inspired word of God and there is enough truth in the plain reading of its written words without distorting or adding to it to express what we would like for it to say.

However, by a stretch that I hope Ms. Dauenhauer finds acceptable, Matthew 24 does refer to global cooling. In verse 12: "And because lawlessness is increased, the love of many will grow cold." We certainly find this to be true in our country and in most places around the world, but to those who love the Lord and live for Him, such lawlessness only draws us closer to the warmth of his love for comfort and strength.

Oscar Zuniga


No such wording

The letter from Debbie Dauenhauer on Feb. 10 would have been a nice plea to “judge less” if she had left off the first paragraph.

She uses quotation marks to quote a passage in Matthew 24 in the Bible. Direct quotes use quotation marks, indirect quotes summarizing in your own words do not. There is no wording like that in Matthew 24. By misquoting, one can tend to disregard the whole letter.

I am a Christian and attend Bible study and did not remember that wording or ever seeing “global warming” in the Bible, so I looked at Matthew 24 again.

While cosmic upheaval, national warfare, earthly catastrophes are mentioned there is no reference to global warming. (Some scholars interpret this passage to predict the demise of the Jerusalem Temple because Jewish tradition links the Temple and the world closely together.)

Letters like this make polite meaningful conversation between opposing views difficult.

D. Stewart

Central Point

Also tired

I agree with Richard Cory re "being tired of Trump-bashing."

Trump has given our country a $4.4 trillion deficit.

Trump has lied to us countless times.

Trump has reduced and or eliminated countless domestic agencies.

Trump has no idea how to manage foreign affairs.

He calls those he disagrees with insulting/childish names.

Donald Trump should be impeached!

Our country needs responsible leadership!

Audrey Green

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 21