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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22

Keep agencies accountable

For the last 30 years I wondered why, regardless of the party in power, Democrats get their way, continually enlarging the government, increasing debt and presidential and agency powers.

Think: Bush 1, taxes; Bush 2, drugs for seniors.

Now, it seems "deep state" is an explanation; a bureaucracy that is able to maintain its interests apart from actual legislation. I read how current events threaten our trust in government. The FBI, they say, must not be open to criticism.

No one denies that corruption is widespread in government, except for the FBI! How did they get all those perfectly honest people who work in secret and never favor one party over another?

One principle from the beginning of our country was that no one can be trusted, and that we must have accountability and balance of powers. To trust one agency to be different from others and have no need for openness and accountability is a sure way to encourage corruption.

"Classified" documents are likely more used to cover sleaze than to protect investigations. To maintain the Founders' principles for effective government, keep government agencies accountable.

Ira Edwards


Recall questions

The upcoming election to recall three Parks and Recreation commissioners will cost the city of Ashland roughly $30,000?

Questions have been raised about the "facts" the petitioners presented to get the required number of signatures on the recall petition; if false information was purposefully presented, will the petitioners be held accountable for the cost of the election? Who among this group is stepping forward to fill any of the positions they are attempting to have vacated? Commissioners are volunteers; if you disagree with their work, then step forward to take on the burden yourself.

I hope more information about what is truly going on here will be published before it is too late, so that the voters can make intelligent decisions based on truth, not “alternative facts.” We have a right to know and shouldn’t be bamboozled.

I personally thank commissioners Gardiner, Landt and Lewis for their service.

Andy Stallman


Black statement incorrect

Ashland Parks and Recreation Director Michael Black’s assertion in the Feb. 5 MT that “there was only a small group of people who knew about and used the senior center” is simply not correct.

As a long-time participant in the yoga classes there, I know that the Wednesday class was so full, it had to be divided into two back-to-back classes for the space to accommodate everyone. On Saturdays, the yoga class extended into the kitchen for space.

The Monday tai chi class could no longer fit in the activity room, and moved to the Grove, where it fills the large dance studio. The Thursday class is at capacity and cannot admit any more people.

The line dance classes are crowded.

In contrast, how many Ashlanders “know about and use” the golf course, which loses significant amounts of money every year?

Terry Stone


Really cute

That was really cute how the other NeverTrumpers turned their backs on the popular fiction writer Michael Wolff once his act got old and stale and he no longer was considered useful to the Trump-haters.

Reminds me of how Bill Clinton turned his back on the unions and the factory workers when he got NAFTA and GATT passed back in the 1990s.

Hello China and Latina America! Say good-bye to the United States!

That is what Slick Willie was all about when it was convenient.

The Wolff in writer's clothing is now aware of what it feels like to be treated as a deplorable. How do you like them apples, Mikey?

Joe Thomas


Letters to the Editor, Feb. 22