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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 23

Reject the recall

I'm joining fellow citizens urging Ashland voters to reject the effort to recall members of our Parks Commission. Working to elect future commissioners is much more productive than attempting to punish current elected commission members — who are responsible, caring volunteers — by recalling them.

Perhaps changes at the Senior Center could have been handled more effectively, but our current commissioners devote many, many hours in a sincere effort to do the right thing for the overall parks system and citizens. To more usefully demonstrate concern, I recommend supporters of the recall look to the future and step up to run for office themselves.

Karen Smith


Yes on recall

Vote for a center that includes essential services for fragile and “super seniors”: those age 80 and older. Yes on the recall!

A recreational institution hosting a weekly referral specialist is a far step down from the warm and compassionate center we had before the expansion/enhancement plans hit Ashland. Younger seniors, of whom I’m one, ask the city to restore the senior gathering place for conversation and socializing. Ashland is already a cultural mecca and playground for retirees who can pay for recreation, so let’s focus on supporting basic senior services such as meals programs and coffee klatches.

Let’s restore the center which was the most caring place for super-seniors. Staff included a greeter — a senior herself — who helped newcomers feel at home and a comfortable atmosphere for all who came to meals — including a couple where the husband assisted the wife in eating.

Brenda B. Gould


Letters to the Editor, Feb. 23