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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 24

Cheers for Hunter

Three cheers for Bob Hunter! His opinion regarding DACA Friday, Feb. 9 was spot on. Some of our very best potential citizens will come out of this program if given a chance.

But now we want to play politics with these courageous, motivated young people and send them back to a country that they don’t even know. This is un-American, inhumane and downright wrong. Have we forgotten that we are a nation of immigrants?

There is no question that we need to improve our immigration system, but the Trump administration and conservative Republican politicians are way off base. Sending Dreamers home and wasting $25 billion for a wall is not the answer.

Mike Naumes


Maintaining our civic values

Many conservatives applaud President Trump for appointing a conservative Supreme Court justice, cutting government regulations, advocating U.S. interests.

For these developments they ignore his undermining of long-standing conservative values, including the importance of institutions, norms and civility as stabilizing forces in society, the conservation of natural resources, the importance of truth-telling and reason.

These are all areas in which President Trump and his administration have damaged the core stability of U.S. society.

President Trump and his supporters have consistently minimized or even approved of bigotry, name-calling, ignoring science, misogyny, protecting abusers and consistent lying. This administration has degraded our moral commons, national social capital and the communal trust that undergird a well-ordered society.

In accepting and discounting these faults, conservatives have embraced the moral relativism they so often criticized in others.

Unfortunately, in responding to this pattern, many progressives have stooped to the administration’s level in name-calling, tribalism and simplistic analyses, further contributing to our national decline in values.

As a society we need to renew our commitment to rebuilding trust in our institutions, our norms and values by suspending our egos, being as non-judgmental as possible (without refraining from making reasonable discernments) honoring reason, validating others and being generous.

Robert John Scheelen


What do Dems stand for?

Recently, the president conquered Davos. He proclaimed to a room full of liberal, big-government, one-world globalists: America is open for business. They cheered. Why?

When the U.S. does well, they do well! Begrudgingly, even one of the broadcast networks agreed it was the president and our country at their best.

Then came the Sate of the Union Address. The surprising part of the evening was the obvious depth and longevity of the opposition party's TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). The oppo party showed itself to be composed of cranky politicos and seemingly constipated drama queens who achieved new heights with their display of pitiful petulance never displayed previously on national TV. They refused to applaud even when presented with irrefutable facts about black unemployment. One of its favored groups does better than it has in 70 years and they are angry! Wow!

Just what does the party stand for? The party did not like the Trump tax cuts. It feels it can use your money better than you can. Is there nothing more satisfying than spending others' money on your pet constituencies to influence their votes?

What does it like? Besides total power and control over the lives of others?

Dom Fontana


Energy bill has support

Southern Oregon solidly supports Oregon’s Clean Energy Jobs bill. In addition to 11 council members from Medford, Phoenix, Talent, Jacksonville and Ashland individually endorsing the bill, two of the city councils have approved relevant resolutions.

In December, the Talent City Council voted 4-1 to endorse action substantially similar to the 2017 Clean Energy Jobs Bill. Last week, the Ashland City Council unanimously supported a resolution endorsing statewide efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the 2007 legislatively approved goals.

In short, many local representatives accept the need for action. At the state level, Rep. Pam Marsh is a champion of state action. Meanwhile, Republican Rep. Sal Esquivel and Sen. Alan DeBoer stand as roadblocks to action that could make our state a leader in the fight to reduce global warming while simultaneously boosting the state’s economy — especially rural areas.

Broad local support exists for statewide action. Unfortunately, our Republican representatives, like their colleagues in Washington, tout standard GOP deliberate misinformation and promote corporate profits rather than what’s best for the people or the region.

Southern Oregon wants action on global warming and urges our representatives to represent us and support the Clean Energy Jobs bill this session.

Allen Hallmark


Josephine jet charter

Two years ago the travel allotment for the Josephine County commissioners was $6,800, last year it was $10,000 and this year $20,000. Airports also has a travel allotment; namely $3,673 two years ago, $5,400 last year, and $7,400 this year.

But all that combined travel allotment of $27,400 wasn’t enough for Commissioner Lily Morgan and Airports Manager Larry Graves. Last week at the commissioners' weekly business session, economic development money paid for a jet they chartered last September for $3,259 to fly them 225 miles to Aurora State Airport in the greater Salem/Portland area.

This is feeding pretty heavily at the public tough, since a nonstop commercial round trip ticket to Portland is only $331 or approximately one tenth the cost.

RCC and SOESD representatives could have helped pay for the charter, but didn’t.

In this age of modern technology, was this trip really necessary? Commissioner Morgan could have organized a Skype meeting from the conference room with all those involved, saved $3,259 and done almost a full day’s work right in Josephine County to boot.

But a Skype conference just isn’t as much fun, doesn’t provide that feeling of personal importance, or treat cronies to joy ride on a chartered jet, does it?

Sandi Cassanelli


Letters to the Editor, Feb. 24