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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 28

Pence a poor sport

United States Vice President Mike Pence and is wife were shown at the Olympics opening night, famously sitting beside the South Korean delegation and in front of the North Korean delegation, which included Kim Jung Un’s sister. The Vice President didn’t applaud or stand for any other delegations as they entered the stadium.

The American delegation, at 242 athletes, is by far the biggest in history. North Korea sent 22 athletes. What was Pence thinking? That North Korea is an enemy? That their record on human rights is abysmal? That they’ve threatened the globe with nuclear annihilation? That their button might be bigger than Trump’s? Sure.

But this is games. Global athletic contests. Shake your opponent’s hand and look him/her in the eye. Try your hardest and may the best wo/man win.

I’m embarrassed by our vice president. He’s a poor sport.

M.L. Moore


This land is our land?

The public lands and forests of this great country belong to its citizens and we already support them through the taxes we pay. The government, through the expanding use of access fees, has effectively seized our land and is "renting" it back to us via fees and passes.

Already most of our best scenic and natural attractions have been confiscated in this way. Now the feds have scoured the forest for more revenue opportunities and come up with the currently proposed list for additional fee-use areas.

When listening to the radio I hear countless ads touting our forests and urging people to explore them. We now know the real motivation for these government ads.

Dennis Godfrey

Eagle Point

Why do people hold recalls?

A 2007 study reported in North American Journal of Psychology found the overwhelming majority of the study’s recalls were attributed to people being dismissed, discounted or ignored by elected officials.

Other reasons included 1) when confronted with facts, officials refused to admit wrongdoings, even retaliating against complainants, 2) officials’ display of arrogance, stating that they “were elected to make decisions on behalf of the public and that was what they were doing regardless of a few malcontents,” 3) refusing to provide information on the basis for their decisions, limiting debate, 4) grandstanding in the press, 5) engaging the board attorney to take legal action against the community at taxpayer expense.

Why is the recall of three Ashland Parks Commissioners necessary? See above reasons. Go to AshlandRecall.com for more information.

It is time for a change. Vote yes on the recall.

Rebecca Cross


What if she didn't die for nothing?

After the 18th child massacre this year, the mother of Alyssa, age 14, said, weeping, "I hope she didn't die for nothing."

What if she didn't? What if every student in America stopped going to school? From tots to teenagers — what if American children demanded a massacre-free learning environment?

What would happen if it wasn't just for a symbolic day, but full stop — finito — "We're not going back till Congress acts." What would happen if school halls were silent from coast to coast for weeks — months?

Congress is being paid to not care how many of our children are being slaughtered. What would it take to make them care? Do the children need to go on strike?

Would it affect the country's purse strings enough to make Congress care? Would it disrupt the nation's business enough to make them act?

What if Alyssa didn't die for nothing?

Leslie Morgan


Letters to the Editor, Feb. 28