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Letters to the Editor, March 4

Saddened by letter

I was saddened at reading the letter “Redefining DACA” on Feb. 7.

There is nothing wrong with expressing different opinions on subjects — in fact, it is a critical element in our democracy, and hearing ideas that differ from mine can be an opportunity for me to change my mind or to be more firmly convinced of my original concept.

The disturbing part was not whether I agreed with the writer but that he felt the need for such dismissive terms to describe the people he disagreed with — “Dicky” Durbin, “Chucky” Schumer and “Nanny” Pelosi — and renamed DACA to stand for Democratic Amnesty for Criminal Aliens.

I had decided to not respond, but when a second letter appeared from another local citizen stating she thought he was absolutely correct I had to ask, have we really strayed so far from civility and the ability to make a point without demeaning others personally? This seems to be the new norm, but we can surely do better!

Barbara Dallas


Recycling quandary

Wow — It seems we have done too good a job of recycling. After 15-plus years of having it drummed into our heads, we now have to throw most of it in the garbage because of "China."

My question is: With most everyone's garbage cans full to the brim and sometimes overflowing, and the recycle cans almost full every two weeks, where are people going to put all that no-longer-recycled stuff?

In question are the items that make up the majority of recycling.

Plastics — all dairy product containers, juices, applesauce, condiments, vinegar, mayo, etc. will become garbage.

Cardboard containers — cereal, crackers, rice and noodles, larger cartons of snack food, Kleenex and packaging around all sorts of products is  garbage. Only big, heavy boxes are acceptable. Because they often do not fit in the red cans, we already take them to the dump.

Paper — only newspaper will be taken. What are we to do with magazines, all those usually unwanted catalogs, phone books, etc?

All these equate to about half of a red can per week to somehow be added to the black cans. How will people squeeze all that into already full cans?

Tricia Peck

Central Point

Arming classroom teachers

Having taught in classrooms for 42 years, I have heard many ideas that would make schools better for learning. Yet the huge statement from President Trump takes the gold medal. Bad idea, arming teachers. So sad, very sad. Bad, Bad, Bad!

Richard Streng


Road name unacceptable

I find the name Dead Indian Memorial Road to be very unacceptable.

I am part American Indian but far more Irish/English. Still, the idea of a road that points to such a horrific time in American history is disturbing. It is not just the horrible way in which we treated these people but the arrogance and lack of compassion for them that is presented by this road's name. Surely a more honorable name could be used. Maybe Dead White Man’s Memorial Road would be a better fit.

Fred Williams

Eagle Point

Letters to the Editor, March 4