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Letters to the Editor, March 7

Trust is the loser

In a recent column (Feb. 26, Leonard Pitts Jr. claims that “42 percent of Republicans are out of their damn minds,” that as a journalist he “is not interested in earning those people’s trust,” and that “they should be asking what they must do to earn [his].” How about the arrogance of painting millions of Americans with such a broad brush?

Pitts cites the instance of some (very few, I believe) who assert that student survivors speaking out about the Parkland school massacre are “crisis actors” trained to embarrass the NRA. How many conservatives believe that?

Pitts absurdly suggests that “42 percent of Republicans are ready to believe it.” He uncritically cites a poll reporting that 4 in 10 Republicans “always regard as ‘fake news’ accurate news stories that cast a favored politician or group in a negative light.” How accurate is that?

I doubt that poll respondents meant that they treat as fake that which they know to be true. They likely meant that, with frequent examples of media bias, they’re strongly skeptical of what they read and hear. As usual, Pitts shows he doesn’t understand conservative thought, so he dishonestly defames the lot. Trust is indeed the loser.

Dudley Lang


A voice of reason

Every day I read your “Another View” on the Opinion page. When it’s written by Leonard Pitts Jr. I read and reread it; often mail it to a friend or call to read the opinion.

Pitts cuts through the BS and tackles head-on how a social/political situation is mishandled (or not) and often how it can be corrected. He expresses his opinions, frustrations; his emotions come through clearly to the point I can feel his rage or sadness which often mirrors me own.

He also writes about each citizen’s personal responsibility to question our own behaviors and those of our leaders — locally and nationally — and then change it. Please keep printing this man’s opinions — he is a voice of reason.

Katharine Sloan


Presidential bashing

So, for dignified Americans who respect our two-party political system and don’t want a one-party dictatorship, it’s apparently not appropriate to criticize this POTUS.

It was certainly fine for the anti-Obama brainiacs to promote phony birth certificates, the fear-mongering death panels, and also for Republican politicians, while "not being racist, to openly say they would block everything Obama would propose. And, of course let’s ignore the fact that it was the Obama administration that saved our economy after Bush’s trickle-down disaster and now, naturally, little boy Trump wants to take the credit. When he’s done will America also file Chapter 11?

It’s interesting to note the blind forgiveness those on the right give Republican personalities like Joseph McCarty, whose character policies were reminiscent of the Third Reich, the colorful George Wallace with his compassionate view of certain human beings, the stoic Oliver North who helped promote terrorism by trading guns for hostages and lied about it to Congress, and of course the moral spewings of the ever-popular Newt Gingrich, who was obsessed with Bill Clinton’s privates while cheating on his wife and leading us all from temptation.

Steve Sutfin


Letters to the Editor, March 7