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Letters to the Editor, March 13

Greed and money

Thank God for the high school students who have demonstrated courage, integrity and common sense that is absent in so many Republican politicians.

The National Rifle Association boasts of having “nearly 5 million” members; the current total U.S. population is 323.1 million. Backed by a $30 billion-plus firearm industry, the NRA, an organization that constitutes less than 1.6 percent of the U.S. population, dominates one of our two major political parties by purchasing politicians, and has a stranglehold on our entire nation. This is gross corruption and a perversion of our American democracy.

Contrary to what many Americans have been brainwashed to believe, the gun debate is not really a Second Amendment issue; it is a greed and money issue. It appears that the greedheads have hijacked the Second Amendment and the NRA for their own financial and personal gain, and their overpowering avarice is clearly far more important to them than the lives of schoolchildren, their teachers, or any other human beings.

How many more American lives must be sacrificed to the firearm-NRA-Republican Party axis of greed and evil?

Victor Mlotok


Ankerberg for senator

Curt Ankerberg has been my neighbor for 10 years, and during that time he has always treated me with respect and courtesy. We have rebuilt the fence between our properties, and because I am now 90 years old, he and I have worked together to trim my yard hedges when needed.

Curt has run for School Board, City Council and Jackson County commissioner because he felt he could fill those positions better than his opponents.

Curt is passionate about his politics. This passion has earned him a reputation of being an angry man and is an unjust characterization of an individual who just wants to see our city run as efficiently as possible.

Curt is running for the Senate District 3 seat being vacated by Alan DeBoer, and should have your vote if you believe our state can be run more efficiently than it is now.

Charles McCracken


Look at California

Vicki Simpson in the Feb. 26 letters favors the Clean Energy Bill and points to California and others to prove her point.

I just returned from crazy land, aka California, and was paying well north of $3 a gallon for gas while there. California also has some of the highest electric energy costs in the nation. If anyone doubts what this bill will do to Oregon, just look to our neighbors to the south.

Also, I just received my first paycheck reflecting the new tax cut and it reflected significantly more money in my pocket. Thank you, GOP and MAGA.

I am sure Katie Brown and her progressive minions will try and find some way to wrest that money from my pocket.

C. Geddis


Letters to the Editor, March 13