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Letters to the Editor, March 14

NRA manipulator

A classic way to manipulate people is to present them with a false choice and then tell them they have to choose. The NRA has been brilliant at manipulating people into believing that if they support any kind of common-sense laws, they are practically inviting the jackboot of the state into their home to confiscate Grandpa’s .30/30. They scare people into believing that laws prohibiting all gun ownership and all hunting are just around the corner.

Not all mass shootings would have been prevented by improved gun laws, but many would have been. Some in the hunting community might be shy about saying it aloud, but many of us know that the NRA is bad for public safety and bad for the future of hunting.

As a hunter, I hate to think that some people believe that the NRA represents me or hunting interests in general. They do not. But they have been so successful in manipulating the conversation and pitting people against each other based on cultural bias, that many do not know that many hunters and gun owners reject false choice the NRA presents us. It’s time for hunters for responsible gun laws to raise our voices.

Jason Clark


Gun-free zones

President Trump claims that schools are attractive targets for mass murderers because they are “gun-free zones” and that arming teachers or other school employees will deter those shooters because they are “cowards” who would be deterred from committing violent crime with the prospect of facing lethal force.

Both the NRA and our current president would have us believe that mass murderers engage in the same kind of rational thought process as does a criminal mastermind plotting the perfect crime. Nonsense! Mass murders are terrorists who intend to inflict the greatest possible death toll in the shortest possible time span, fully expecting to be killed or to take their own lives.

Prevention of mass murder will not be accomplished with more weapons, more shooters or elimination of gun-free zones. Prevention depends on keeping all guns out of the hands of those who are not competent or not willing to use them responsibly.

We will begin making progress toward preventing these disasters when we require people to prove competence prior to allowing them to possess firearms. We should also require a higher level of demonstrated competence prior to allowing purchase of handguns, and still higher for owning weapons of mass murder.

Don Rebal


Repeat offenders

We want to thank the local agencies that have teamed up to go after repeat offenders that fail to appear in court. It’s a great idea!

My husband and I have been observing court the past couple of weeks. What an eye-opener to see what the judges and attorneys deal with on a daily basis. We were shocked at the number of “failure to appear.” What a waste of time for everyone involved in this process.

It is a great thing to try and thank you for this effort.

Rene and Lane Forncrook


Letters to the Editor, March 14