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Letters to the Editor, March 15

$100 million Holiday Inn

Oregon has the most lax laws in the nation on taxpayer funding for killing the unborn. Sanctuary state protecting the illegals, the most lax tax and laws concerning pot, dope, we have not had a drought, yet let alone the future watershed and environmental abuse coming and the goal for lot of these folks is getting the product over the state line.

Medford prides itself on apartment villages, cheap housing that comes with a host of socioeconomic problems. They haven’t figured out how to keep people from pooping and loitering around the county buildings and parks. Taxpayer money: 15 libraries, the one in Medford so fancy it could be in San Francisco at a tune of $10 million to $15 million annually, a new police station, parking structure, firehouse. How many new schools in Jackson County in the last 10 years? In a downturn economy, was there not talk of a $38 million dollar water park? Now we will fork out $1.09 on every thousand in assessed value which only goes up most of the time. The median average income here is what? Build it and they will come. Criminals love Oregon. So much to say, not enough space.

Ken Digness


Intelligent life at the MT

What a refreshing opinion piece from Steve Saslow, publisher of the MT on March 4. There might be hope for this struggling and financially suicidal newspaper after all.

Saslow reveals not only a reverence for our Judeo-Christian God, but also a level of common sense I don’t believe I’ve ever seen in the MT before.

You’re right, Mr. Saslow, school security isn’t a conservative or liberal issue, let alone a gun issue: it’s a safety issue, and I’m particularly impressed by your understanding that when you need a gun, “you need it badly and very quickly.” That means teachers and/or staff with concealed guns to stop a school attack immediately.

I recently wrote that I wouldn’t renew my subscription because the MT is so mindlessly negative and anti-Trump, but if your paper is going to at least begin to publish unvarnished news and balanced opinions, it might be worth starting the day with over coffee.

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

Joe Davis for judge

I have had the privilege of knowing Joe Davis for 22 years. In that span of time I have seen Joe’s extensive knowledge and dedication to his profession as an attorney.

I have also watched Joe as he has served our community greatly whether it be on a variety of boards, coaching a team, or just helping a friend in need. He will furthermore serve as a fair and honest judge. Vote Joe Davis for judge.

Jill Hall


Letters to the Editor, March 15