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Letters to the Editor, March 16

Time for CTE is now

As retired Medford teachers, we know full well the value of career tech programs for kinesthetic learners-students who learn by doing. There is a male achievement gap in our nation, and the Medford school district is no different. District-wide, only 73 percent of male students are graduating, versus 83 percent of female students. CTE offers the kind of hands on programming that attracts students who learn differently, including most certainly that segment of male students current programming is leaving behind. The investment in our students and the workforce of tomorrow is long over due.

Becky and Larry Sullivan


Honoring Wes Howard’s wishes

My wife and I were pleased that someone besides us has found the “land grab” of Wes Howard’s estate suspect. Thank you Robert A. Hammer for your letter. We remember back to the publication of Mr. Howard’s wishes that his land on the corner of Rossanley Drive and North Ross Lane be made into a sports park for the children of the Rogue Valley. In addition he stipulated that it be a “no-fee” park.

If memory serves, it was revealed that his estate-owned land on Main Street, which has long-term lessees, could provide a continuing resource for funds. Those funds should be used to maintain and improve the land.

Additionally, whether Mr. Howard would approve of the school supplanting space which he wanted used otherwise is unknowable. However, its placement there doesn’t seem in keeping with his expressed wishes for his property.

To paraphrase Gerald Ford, “If Wes Howard was alive today, he’d roll over in his grave.”

Robert Simpson

Central Point

But for Wales (Trump)?

When Henry VIII was king of England, Richard Rich was awarded the title of Attorney General of Wales for lying about Thomas More, an act which ultimately led to More’s false conviction and execution for treason.

When More found out what Rich had done, he stated to him “It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world, but for Wales?”

If More was alive today, he could direct a similar statement to the American Christian right. All he would have to do is substitute “Trump” for “Wales.”

Jay Stockton

Central Point

Letters to the Editor, March 16