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Letters to the Editor, March 25

The budget deficit

On the back page when it should be the headlines on the front is the ultra-important news that the passage of the new budget projects that this year’s deficit will hit $873 billion, up a sharp 31.3 percent from last year’s imbalance of $665.8 billion. This issue should be far more important to every American citizen than the usual local headlines.

You won’t look out the door and see that the sky is falling, but the future is dimming for all of us. Try going to the bank and taking out $100,000 dollars and deciding that you’ll just pay the interest and see how much you’ll owe after 10 or 20 years and then stop and think of those greedy, stupid people that have been elected to our Congress and Senate by many who expected them to look out for us common folks. Yep, the top 1 percent will let the rest of us continue to pay the interest in the form of taxes, but the loan will never get paid off if it is business as usual.

Janet Crawford


Voting for Parker

I am voting for Larry Parker for judge, and I encourage Jackson County voters to vote for him as well. Parker has a great deal of experience in the law, and has displayed the honesty and integrity I believe should be the core value for any judge. Parker will serve the community well as the next Jackson County Circuit Court judge.

Sarah Smith

White City

We don’t do that

The Rogue Disposal website proudly tells readers: “We do that!” I think “We don’t do that!” would be more accurate.

The “Big Changes” the company recently announced mean that from now on, we’ll be hauling our glass, plastic and magazines and catalogues to recycling centers rather than leaving them at the curb.

Rogue says the Chinese are to blame. But somehow Ashland’s trash and recycling provider, Recology, still manages to accept all these materials.

Rogue’s mailing to customers breaking the news about service cuts had so little real information and so much marketing spin that even after careful study, I still couldn’t tell for sure whether Rogue would continue to accept glass, office or junk mail.

I called Rogue’s customer service, The Rogue representative told me the company’s mailing had all the information I would need about recycling glass, plastic and junk mail. In fact, the Rogue postcard didn’t mention glass or paper at all.

Rogue just raised rates 12 percent to provide fewer services. The company should at least give me a bigger trash can — for free — to accommodate all the things I used to recycle but now have to throw away or else haul somewhere else.

Carol Brydolf


Causes of violence

The dispute is all about guns. Big mistake!

“Gotta do something” media blitz puts a fear of school grounds into every child. Big mistake!

“Doing something” obscures “doing the right thing.”

The homicide rate in our cities was double (compared to present) in years 1966-1996. Mayors of big cities took credit when the rate fell in the ’90s. Wrong!

The reason for the high rate was children breathing leaded air 20 years before, and it fell because leaded gas was banned. Babies and children with leaded brains, 20 years later, became violent adults.

Study the statistics and the physiology.

There are other causes of poisoning. Psychoactive drugs and agricultural chemicals may lead the list. Study these problems first, then do a media blitz, and we may save not hundreds of lives, but hundreds of thousands.

Then, our healthy children could come and go without fear to our non-fortified schools.

Ira Edwards


Letters to the Editor, March 25