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Letters to the editor: March 28, 2018

‘Cap and invest’

You’ve just gotta hand it to those wily Dems in Salem. Spying out an irresistible opportunity in all the climate-change noise, they came up with what the choose to call a “cap and invest” bill. The traditional moniker for this sort of thing is “tax and spend.” Or if they want to be formal, call it the Tax (Because We Can) and Spend (Stupidly, Because That’s The Way We Do It) Bill.

To be fair, the Republicans would do something similar if they were in power. Except they wouldn’t try to claim they were saving the planet, and they would have the grace to look slightly ashamed.

C. S. Chase


If Trump fires Mueller

We deserve to know the truth about Russia’s role in electing Donald Trump. However, Robert Mueller, the special counsel charged with investigating the 2016 election, has been under constant threat since his appointment.

If Mueller is fired, it would destroy the democratic ideals that are necessary to preventing tyranny — transparency and accountability. Our presidents must always be held to the highest standards, so they must be subject to fair and independent review. Another Saturday Night Massacre, with firings calculated to halt Mueller’s investigation, would signal the American people that the presidency needs far stronger oversight.

This investigation must continue. Our elected officials must support Mueller against President Trump’s threats. Americans need to know that our lawmakers support shedding light on what happened in 2016 and upholding democratic principles.

If Mueller is fired, pledge to join hundreds of people in Medford and more than 180,000 people signed up to attend events in more than 800 locations nationwide who will rally to demand an accountable government at www.trumpisnotabovethelaw.org.

Lee Finney

Gold Hill

Gun info corrected

Just a note to correct a recent entry to this page about guns.

The letter in question states that it is illegal to hunt with an AR-15. Not true. The 5.56 (.223) centerfire caliber is a legal rifle to use on any sized game (except for birds or where shotguns are required). Oregon Hunting Regs, page 18.

The AR-15 isn’t any different than any other semi-auto rifle except for the frame to which the action is attached.

Moving on, this letter stated what a radiologist might say about wounds that would be different from an AR-15 and a handgun. Truth be told, the high velocity of the 5.56 bullet is NOT “vastly more deadly” than that of any gun let alone a handgun. Except for a ricochet (all bets off with that in the equation) it depends on the type of bullet being fired from the gun. A 55 grain full metal jacket fired from an AR-15 will do much less damage to tissue than a 240 grain hollow point fired from a .44 magnum revolver.

Having witnessed first hand the wound channels different calibers and bullet types can make, I certainly would not use this person’s radiologist for information on the subject.

Vince Forrette


Honesty and character

Just because he says his inauguration crowd was the biggest ever doesn’t make it so.

Just because he says the new tax code will cost him money doesn’t make it so.

Just because he said he would release his tax return doesn’t make it so.

Just because he says there were 3 million fraudulent votes doesn’t make it so.

Just because he says we have a trade deficit with Canada doesn’t make it so.

Just because he says articles he doesn’t like are “fake news” doesn’t make it so.

There are no “alternative facts,” there is no “honest hyperbole.”

I don’t suggest that other presidents have been paragons. Being human, they have all had failings. But I will say that Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama were both extraordinarily decent and honest men whose primary considerations were for the welfare of the American people as a whole. Not to omit Republicans, I include Lincoln and Dwight Eisenhower, who from this vantage point looks like a great statesman.

Donald Trump has tried to establish some new norms. When the president does it, it’s legal. When the president says it, it’s true.


David Sligar

Grants Pass

Letters to the editor: March 28, 2018