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Letters to the editor: March 30

Winning with tax reform

I win with Congressman Walden’s tax reform bill.

Last week I paid my last invoice for tax preparation. 2017 will be the last year my family pay estimated taxes. We are not wealthy, but we do have exceptionally high property taxes as the result of Jackson County having to collect funds that could have, should have been collected from logging payments; but still, my money goes up in smoke.

The rich elite, like the Democrats in Congress, hate the bill because the bill is directed to the “common” people. For example, Minority Leader Pelosi, in anger called the bill “crumbs” because businesses were giving out bonuses to their employees and we common folk moved to a lower tax bracket. Mrs. Pelosi really does not want to pay her fair share of tax for her family’s net worth of $100 million. She is particularly peeved that they cannot write off their $137,000 property tax bill on their federal tax form.

In fact, the Democrats are so angry at Congressman Walden’s bipartisan tax bill that they are writing a tax bill of their own (to build infrastructure) that will take all of our “common folk” gains away.

Kate Foley


Breaking up with Facebook

At Facebook we’re not customers; we’re the product. Facebook is just in it for the money. They sell our data to political operatives and the Russians so they feed us back disinformation. Then they claim they can’t control it because that would hurt their profits.

Let’s start a movement on Facebook to leave Facebook. We don’t need to delete our accounts, but create a new one on Google+. Tell your friends on Facebook you’re moving to Google+ and ask them to join us. If we can get our friends and their friends to join us, who needs Facebook?

Bob Harkness


Why not sell fire station?

I am concerned that it never occurred to anyone to sell the surplus west side fire station property and use the money to offset the cost of the new fire stations or use it to replace and update equipment for the Medford Fire Department. This building was purchased and maintained by the taxpayers and I believe revenue from its sale should have been used to support the MFD or another taxpayer-funded city service.

The charitable organizations that the property is being donated to are certainly deserving but believing that these organizations can help change the dynamics of West Medford may be wishful thinking.

At some point we need to address our tax-and -spend/give-away-the-farm mentality and utilize our potential revenue resources more efficiently.

Richard Walch


Letters to the editor: March 30