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Letters to the editor: March 31

Recycling discouragement

Needless to say, I’m not happy with new recycling requirements. However, I am trying to comply, but it is discouraging to pass recycle bins overflowing with obvious disallowed products. At a minimum, these add costs to sorting and at the worst contaminate an entire truckload. People, pay attention so that we can at least have some recycling options!

Marita Holder


Pleased with Sen. Merkley

At our monthly meeting on March 20, members of Citizens for Peace & Justice (CPJ), Medford discussed Sen. Jeff Merkley’s historic vote and the powerful speech he presented on the Senate floor that day in support of the Yemen War Powers Resolution. We are enormously pleased and grateful for his efforts to extract us from this atrociously illegal and genocidal war which has not only become an embarrassment but also demeans our nation in the eyes of most of the people of the world.

We look forward, in this age of nuclear weapons proliferation, to further congressional efforts later this spring by Sens. Merkley and Ron Wyden and other good men and women to finally claw back from the executive branch Congress’s constitutional responsibility to decide on matters of war and peace. We are gratified that through Sen. Merkley’s efforts Oregon promises be in the vanguard of helping return us to a safer and saner world.

Ivend Holen


Renters need help

Imagine yourself living on earnings from two part-time jobs that pay $12 per hour or on Social Security.

Imagine that you spend every penny every month for food, clothing, healthcare, prescription drugs, transportation and rent. Nothing’s left over at the end of the month.

Imagine your landlord raises your rent because you complained that the washing machines didn’t work in the laundry room, or that you are one of the scores of renters in Jackson County who received a 45 percent rent increase. What would you do?

Would you look for a less expensive place to live? You are faced with $50 application fees each time you apply, moving costs, first and last month rent and maybe a large security deposit. You may not have the money or friends or family that can help you. What do you do then? Live on the street?

These are the choices our friends, family and co-workers face. It is time for the Medford City Council and Jackson County commissioners to pass reasonable renters’ relocation assistance ordinances that will require landlords to pay relocation fees. Their need to raise rents is contributing to our homeless problem.

Come on guys! It’s more than time!

Joyce Puccini Chapman

Shady Cove

Voting for Parker

I have known Larry Parker for almost 20 years, and have had the pleasure of practicing law with him for almost four years now. Larry is honest and intelligent, and will bring an enormous amount of experience and acumen to the bench. I endorse Larry Parker for judge in this May’s primary.

Michael Kellington


Walden pays attention

On a recent stop in Jackson County, Congressman Greg Walden visited La Clinica Wellness Center to discuss perspectives on health issues with officials from La Clinica and Rogue Community Health to ensure that such programs are helping the people who need them. Among the issues discussed is the uncertainty they face during government shutdowns over federal budget issues.

The congressman understands how important continuous funding is to the operation of organizations dedicated to providing availability of health care for all. Additionally, he stressed the importance of addressing the over-prescribing of opioids and the high rate of addiction and overdosing that occurs in our country.

Thank you, Congressman Walden for the ongoing attention you pay to constituent concerns in the extremely large geographical area your district covers.

Valerie T. Smullen

Central Point

A rural voice in Congress

I’m going to give the people of Congressional District 2 a real voice in Congress. I’m going to listen to, and talk with, my constituents by answering my own phone at least five hours every week.

I want to:

• Bring rural communities high-speed internet.

• Address, head-on, both climate change and water issues.

• Work closely with farmers and ranchers because when they thrive so do our rural communities.

• Come up with a fair and permanent funding formula for PILT on public lands so rural counties finally have a federal funding source that they can confidently work into their budgets.

• Encourage the collaborative management of public lands so local residents have a seat at the table when land use decisions are made.

Because I’m accepting campaign contributions only from individuals, I will be able to finally give rural Oregon the voice in Washington that it deserves.

Jim Crary


Darn that Obama

So, The Stock Market has tanked yet again and to top it off, my income taxes will actually go up in 2018. Obama has a lot to answer for.

Michael Shanafelt


We can fire Trump

It appears the majority of the voters elected Trump, so since he was hired by us, he can be fired by us.

Just a few reasons for this action:

• Misappropriation of funds by asking taxpayers to pay millions for an ineffective wall at the Mexican border.

• Money wasted on weekends at his properties instead of the White House.

• Forcing immigrants who are productive, law-abiding, longtime US residents to be deported back to Mexico.

• Refusing to take action to improve gun laws and protect the children and citizens of this country.

• Treason, for showing more respect for Russian’s president Putin than the American people, Why, because he wants to build the tallest Trump tower ever in Russian.

Mr. Trump, to be the most powerful and respected man in the world, here are ways to ensure your place in history.

• Feed the hungry.

• Health insurance for all Americans.

• Protect the people in Syria from political tyrants.

• Really deal with global warming.

• Make sure all the people in our world have access to clean water.

Pretend this is your mother, study the art of listening.

Leslee Freeman


White House threatens care

I received an email from Compassion & Choice, an organization that deserves your support. The serious matter of end-of-life care is in jeopardy.

A White House plan to create a Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within the Federal Department of Health and Human Services is being planned.

This is unfair and favors opponents as well as provoking doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers who refuse to honor any patient-care options they object to. That includes medical aid in dying (even when authorized by states) and voluntarily stopping eating and drinking, for which some patients want physician or hospice support.

E-mail Compassion&Choice.com/fight to arrange a contribution to them.

M. Williams


Letters to the editor: March 31