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Letters to the editor: April 2

Students earn praise

We were so proud and satisfied to be part of the March for Our Lives this past Saturday in Medford. We were joined by so many in our community (around 1,500) and, though it’s very sad to us to have this be a necessary part of today’s culture here in America, we were inspired by the students who organized this and by all the folks who shared in it with us.

We marched from the Courthouse in downtown Medford, down Oakdale, getting honks of solidarity, to the central Medford High School stadium, where speeches were given. The intent of this march was, for us, to support assault rifles getting off the street and common sense, responsible gun laws without infringing on the freedom to have guns for hunting and protection.

Thank you, again, students of Jackson County who organized Saturday’s March. Great job, great speeches, and it was wonderful to be part of such a nationwide movement.

Jerrine and David Rowley


Man’s nature takes over

Thirty years ago environmentalist said they were going to save Oregon wilderness for generations of kids to come and make the mountains 100 percent natural. Thirty years later today’s kids are not impressed. Neither are the hunters, hikers, fishermen or tourists.

We trap critters, drug critters, cage, snare, collar, clip, tag, net, manhandle, add more road gates, keep out signs, let it burn, kill owls and, my favorite, throw fishing nets out of helicopter doors to snare deer.

These environment programs don`t sound 100 percent natural for the critters. Today it looks more like man’s nature is taking over to save our mountains with the help of land grabs, state-owned water, money, power and half-truths.

How`s this working out for you kids? We did it all for your generation.

Tom Rolie


Don’t support polluters

In reply to C. Geddis, I think California is crazy smart to use cap and trade as one tool to put a lid on industrial greenhouse gas garbage because every part of society has to do its part in cleaning up its shared air.

Neither the California economy nor industry CEOs are hurting from cap and trade as industries figure out how to pay less by using less fuel. Meanwhile, program revenue leads to better fuel efficiency for the public in funding weatherization for homes and buildings and more efficient transportation. That means family money saved, warm people and healthier people.

Oregon is small potatoes next to California’s 441.9 million metric tons of greenhouse gas output (2014), but it can’t be said that our cities aren’t polluted with emissions.

We have a very good cap and invest bill backed by a lot of study ready to go here in Oregon. Such a bill signals Oregon’s intention to take care of its land, air and people. To not pass cap and invest, called the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, means Oregon could be seen as a sanctuary state for industrial polluters.

Linda Barnett


Outlawing guns no solution

The current national push for more gun controls brings up a number of questions.

No one really knows, but there are an estimated 300 million firearms in America. If you outlawed guns tomorrow what then? Does anyone really believe these citizens would give up their Second Amendment rights and turn in their guns? And if they did not what then? Do we send out federal agents to forcibly collect them? That is how civil wars are started.

Then there are the legal questions. Such a law would be challenged by dozens of pro gun organizations, leaving the final decision up to the Supreme Court.

The political repercussions would be massive. Any politician who voted for such a law could be in deep trouble with his constituents.

And finally, would it do any good? One only has to look at how drug laws are ignored to see this is an unworkable idea. There is a solution to this problem but outlawing firearms is not it.

Tom Brussat


Letters to the editor: April 2