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Letters to the Editor, April 7

Sexism in sport stories

Fifty years ago I played and coached girls’ basketball; six players, all restricted to half court and only allowed to dribble three times. Boys’ games were reported on the front page of the local paper; girls’ games were seldom mentioned.

I have watched with pleasure as the sport has developed female athletes as exciting to watch as men, thanks in large part to Title IX. It has been a thrill to see the recent excellence of the incredible women playing basketball at both OU and OSU.

In that light, I write today to urge you to eliminate the outdated sexism of your category titles for sports articles. You consistently use two phrases: “College Basketball” for stories about men’s teams and “Women’s Basketball” for the others, who I would point out are also playing “College Basketball.”

Surely, we are past the days when women were informed that “man” meant “everyone” and history books talked about “pioneers and their wives.” I cannot think of a better time to make the change to “Women’s College Basketball” and “Men’s College Basketball” than this year, when the OU and OSU women both made the NCAA Elite Eight. And the men did not.

Susan Stitham


Identity politics

John Holm, a neighbor of mine in Jacksonville, recently informed Mail Tribune readers of his mentoring of some friends’ kids. In particular, he tutored them on our two political parties. He asserted the Democrats stood for an end to bickering and were bent on forming “a more stable and healthy society.” On the other hand, he told the kids, Republicans divided the nation by “everything from race to sex to income.”

I’ll be switched. Here I thought the banner of identity politics had been seized by the Democrats some decades ago and remains pervasive in their every act. Golly. I’ve got to dash off notes of apology to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Lizzie Warren, and the rest of that party’s many statesmanlike representatives.

Hubert Smith


2018 Paralympics

Since the 2018 Paralymics started March 9 in Pyeonchang, South Korea until it ended March 18, I checked the MT for some bit of news. How disappointing to find not a whisper of coverage about the games. However, on March 19 there was a big AP article, not extolling the dedication of these incredible athletes, but about the inadequacies of the venues for the disabled spectators.

Glued to channel 89, watching these disabled athletes, I marveled at their incredible fortitude (courage in pain or adversity), (bravery, endurance, resilience, mettle, moral fiber, strength of mind, strength of character, strong-mindedness, backbone, spirit, grit, steadfastness). The blind competitors in the biathlon and downhill events were truly incredible.

Ukraine-born Oksana Masters’s story was especially heartfelt. Born with six toes on each foot, five webbed fingers on each hand and no thumbs, left leg six inches shorter than her right and both with non weight-bearing bones, she endured multiple surgeries in a Ukraine orphanage before she was adopted at 7 by an American woman. She won one gold, two silver and one bronze medal.

The sled hockey team did a three-peat and we topped the medal count with 38.

Janet Scott


Consider Golden

If you have not decided who deserves your vote for Oregon Senate District 3, consider Jeff Golden.

He keeps his eye on the prize with focus, passion and follow-through. He does not make excuses but goes to work to create the outcome he believes in. He has the vision to recognize how things connect — for example, climate change affects everything in our personal and work lives, including the water we drink and the air we breathe. Working to solve these and other problems creates jobs and helps the economy.

Jeff has gone through many changes in his life and gained maturity and perspective. He will think outside the box. There is a huge responsibility in holding this office. He has the ability to reach across the aisle and get things done. Jeff is electable. Please cast your vote for Jeff Golden.

Janet Boggia


Walden remains quiet

I call Walden’s office, curious at Greg’s and Republican cohort’s spectacular silence on Trump’s myriad accomplishments: A “biggly” list. Hard to begin!

But, Walden’s silent: Quiet when Donald “outed” John McCain’s heroism deficit! So distinguished from DJT’s vastly effective “bone-spur” military strategy. Nothing of Trump’s ‘bigger than all predecessor’s’ Iinaugural crowds! Nada on Don’s charm offensive with Putin, despite Vlad’s cyber-attacking our elections. Wow! That’s loyalty! So great! making new international friends, particularly when old friends are ... staying away.

Greg’s never endorsed Trump’s “best” people,’ brought first to his campaign, then White House! So many they’re coming and going like clockwork, providing each, new experience in governance. (All right, many had prior chops working with Russia.)

Meanwhile; D-Tweets outed formerly “conservative” Republicans (now known as RINO “radicals”) from our respected intelligence agencies; Comey, McCabe, Mueller! Still, nothing from Walden?

Yes: Greg stood and applauded Trump’s official oath to “Defend and protect” (something DJT might yet learn).

Harder to ignore, however, Trump’s stellar Christian ethics examples to our kids! (Those not shot yet). Hard counting commandments or beatitudes he so exemplifies, or women he’s employed, paying handsomely even afterwards!

His record’s unimpeachable!

You’d think Walden might take notice!

Rob Hirschboeck


Letters to the Editor, April 7