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Letters to the Editor, April 10

The swamp

As I indicated in a missive a few months ago, Trump is a cross between the Manchurian Candidate and Peter Sellers in “Being There.” Need more be said?

We have a White House run by Fox News’s “pretty people”, airheads and fabricators, and the swamp has become a cesspool — thugs, criminals, ne’er-do-wells and assorted other nefarious characters with shady backgrounds and their only qualification is adulation of the Babboon and telling him what he wants to hear.

He, and they, have to go before it’s too late (almost there) and we become a third-rate country!

Yale Sacks

Central Point

Golden for State Senate

Democrats have an imperative responsibility to choose the most electable candidates for the November elections. Here, that would be Jeff Golden for State Senate, District 3 (Medford, Ashland, Phoenix, Talent, Jacksonville and the Applegate.) Only Golden has the credentials to win in November.

In spite of the Republicans’ formidable campaign money, Golden chose the moral high ground, pledging not to accept corporate funding. His diverse resume is unique, including Harvard, Stanford, river guide, farmer and professional civic communicator. For decades he has been solidly entrenched in Southern Oregon’s public affairs, even serving as a Jackson County commissioner. He is most recognized as the creator/moderator of successful radio and television programming, NPR’s “The Jefferson Exchange” and TV’s “Immense Possibilities.” Both formats involved citizen participation in a wide range of community issues. Imagine the immense possibilities of voting for Golden, experienced sense and sensibility!

Marilyn Briggs


Vets are fortunate

I would like to say for the record that I have received outstanding service from the VA Dom. Everyone I have dealt with is polite, kind, sensitive and extremely helpful. Not only that but when I call them I don’t get put on hold forever, which happens too frequently at private service providers.

Special kudos to Hillary Davis, pharmacist; the entire optical department; and particularly the gentleman in charge of that department. Veterans are very fortunate to have the VA Dom as a medical service provider.

Chuck Gates


Cougar conflicts

The March 30 article regarding the short video of a cougar in Ashland failed to mention one of the primary reasons for unusual behavior and conflicts with people.

Intensive hunting pressure is a significant contributing factor in human cougar conflicts. According to peer-reviewed field research, areas with heavy hunting were found to suffer more, not less conflicts. The studies show that increased indiscriminate hunting causes chaos to the cougar social structure and results in higher proportions of young males, the age/class most frequently associated with conflicts. This well known information is ignored by Oregon wildlife managers as illustrated by their updated Cougar Management Plan, which continues to promote increased mortality as their tool of choice for decreasing conflicts and risks to public safety. So when you hear officials (who are paid by hunting tag sales) say the cougar population is bursting at the seams and forcing cats to move into Ashland, take it with a grain or shaker full of salt. But keep your pets indoors because we live in cougar country.

S. Mackler