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Letters to the Editor, April 11

A waste of time

For 17 years I have diligently separated my trash and personally delivered all my recycle items to the dump. Apparently I have now been able to save myself all that time by just throwing everything away.

It breaks my heart, but after reading the front page, I’m just kidding myself thinking that to continue with the shortened list will actually do anything other than waste my time. Sad that the greatest country in the world can’t solve its trash problem.

Wendy Grammatica

Central Point

Forget me not

I’ve learned several things from the liberal Christians I have known throughout my life. That dignified lot who don’t need to hawk their religious beliefs for money or favor.

I learned that Jesus overturned the moneychangers due to their greedy exploitation of the people. So, I wonder, why is overt, unregulated capitalism the overriding tenet of the conservative “religious” right?

I learned that Jesus would associate with and accept all people including lepers, the homeless and even prostitutes. So, surely he wouldn’t be in favor of a selfish, mean-spirited immigration policy.

However, I must have missed the bit where Jesus informed his disciples that they wouldn’t be able to help the sick and the poor because of the need to build up their military.

Steve Sutfin



Live the lifestyle you want to as long as it doesn’t interfere with me living mine. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Learn the difference between annoying and disturbing.

Common Sense should be more common. Government should be either uplifting and positive or transparent, not divisive. Just because you’re in a car or on the internet does not mean courtesy has no value.

Never assume the people in charge are smarter than you. Don’t elect somebody based on a haircut or a speech. No, it doesn’t take five years and three studies to build something.

The best education for my child is the one I choose, not the one they choose. Trying to change people is maybe harder than making healthy ice cream. Some people are just evil.

You can boil a frog slowly, kinda like raising taxes a little here and a little there. Corruption should not be tolerated, even if it’s subtle. People will always have a bias. Some people will always take advantage.

If you can’t do anything about it, look at it as entertainment. Morals are a moving target. Be a member of your tribe, but be an individual.

Larry Fields


Letters to the Editor, April 11