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Letters to the Editor, April 12

Thanks to volunteers

As volunteer coordinator for Medford Parks and Recreation, I have been focusing on recruiting service clubs and other organizations and individuals to fill our need for volunteers for a variety of projects. Out of the blue I was contacted by Tricia Wilcox from the Living Waters Church, who was organizing a city-wide cleanup and requesting our assistance.

Last Saturday the cleanup was accomplished by 87 volunteers and leaders who filled 78 bags with refuse from different areas in Medford. Paden Eye Care Center also participated, with Dr. Paden and employees providing volunteer assistance.

I would like to express my gratitude to Living Waters Church, Dr. Paden’s staff and the many volunteers who gave their time. Known as “Rogue Love,” this group certainly demonstrated how a proactive community effort can make a difference. Kudos to all involved!

Michael Mace


Check senior center lot

On Saturday, March 31, someone got into a locked older model Honda parked at the Medford Senior Center. Tore out the glove compartment and searched the car, apparently looking for something valuable.

The Senior Center tells us they are not responsible and there is no security monitoring the parking lot.

It would be very helpful if the Medford Police Department could ride through the lot when it is full of cars and there are activities going on inside. Just an occasional pass through would help to deter any person with thoughts of breaking into cars.

The park across the street and the space under the overpass seems to be temporary living for a lot of homeless folks. I sympathize with these people and know they have many problems, but damaging property for us older citizens is unacceptable.

Ruth G. Davis


Character counts

At a time when Political Action Committees control almost every election, it is rare to find a qualified candidate who refuses to buy into that corrupt system.

Jeff Golden, a candidate for State Senate, has done just that.

Character counts, and Jeff has it. While PAC and special interest endorsements and money flow to his opponents, Jeff is financing his campaign one contribution at a time, knocking on doors, and putting a face to the voice so many in the valley have known for years.

Candidates like to say they cannot be bought, that special interests have no special access or control over their vote. As someone who has run major campaigns, I can assure you that is not true.

You have a choice in May to vote for someone who cannot be bought, and whose understanding of the issues is beyond question. Jeff Golden for State Senate.

Rich McIntyre


Supporting McLeod-Skinner

I am supporting Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Oregon Congressional District 2.

I am impressed with Jamie’s background and qualifications. She is the only candidate running to replace Walden who has held elected office. She’s is a water rights expert and has degrees in civil engineering, regional planning and law.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner will represent all parts of District 2, both rural and urban, and has what it takes to work across the political landscape, uniting people around shared Oregon values. Find out more about where Jamie McLeod-Skinner stands on the issues important to you at her website: jamiefororegon.com.

Lillian Koppelman


Support Golden

I am writing in support of Jeff Golden for Oregon State Senate District 3 because I believe he would be the best representative of the people of Southern Oregon in our state Legislature.

Jeff has a proven record of giving back to our community through his prior public service, his participation on local boards and his personal involvement with local businesses and people. His platform issues reflect concerns shared by a majority of valley residents — health care, climate, economic fairness, social justice and education — and I am confident he will represent us with integrity and fairness. Jeff is a long-established resident of Southern Oregon, and it is clear that he understands the unique values of the communities in the Rogue Valley and is willing to work in our best interests in the State Senate. Vote for Jeff Golden, State Senate District 3.

Mary Curtis


Letters to the Editor, April 12