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Letters to the Editor, April 15

A voracious tapeworm

We have a modest home in Eagle Point. We’ve lived in the valley most of our lives. We are retired with a fixed, modest retirement income. We believe in doing our part in supporting our community.

We need a new jail. We support law enforcement and understand the frustration with the “catch and release.”

We support schools. We understand the need for a clean, comfortable and maintained school.

The county wants a new jail, circa $218 in additional taxes for a $200,000 assessed home.

The Eagle Point School District wants another bond issue adding 1 percent to the existing bond.

What is frustrating to us is the ever-increasing size of government, and it’s encroaching on every facet of our lives. This state’s continual increases in its bureaucracy, with no cost-cutting or fiscal control, is frustrating. The voters of this state appear to think that more government is a good thing.

Do we really need more regulation and added costs for regulatory enforcement?

As voters and taxpayers we are very frustrated with the constant handout. Government is a voracious tapeworm that continually is sapping its host.

Gary and Cathy Spires

Eagle Point

Recycling debacle

I love recycling everything. It’s my way to take care of my corner of Mother Earth. The recent articles written about the declining recycling capabilities of our local recycling company has me sad; then they straight-up lie to us about what they are putting into the Dry Creek landfill (for our future generations to deal with), so now I’m mad.

My father used to tell me “Dream big, as dreaming is free!” So here’s my deepest, heart-felt dream: Medford needs a true recycling facility; one that shreds or pelletizes plastics, shreds paper, melts glass for purposes of reuse. Not one that ships its trash out to other countries to do the dirty work. I envision this plant in Medford, as we are the largest city in Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and surrounding counties. This would be a worker-producing facility: we could do it with green energy.

I’m asking here for someone with deep pockets and a big heart who has a similar dream. Its time, Jackson County, to deal with our recyclables appropriately. It would be the perfect gift for Earth Day, April 22!

J. Engleson


Protect our border

Gov. Kate Brown’s refusal to cooperate with the president’s call to provide Oregon National Guard members to protect our sovereign border with Mexico disgusts me.

I have been a naturalized American citizen since 1954. Our family waited two years to get visas; we arrived from post-war Norway in 1949, and it took five more years to go through the lawful process to become citizens.

It has been a wonderful life filled with opportunities to work hard, receive the education required to succeed, and contribute freely to our country, which allows us the freedom to pursue our goals. Why is Kate Brown so dismissive of those of us who believe in following the Constitution, obey the law of the land, and want to preserve the values that made this country, and which attracts settlers from all over the world?

Mette M. McDermott


Letters to the Editor, April 15