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Letters to the Editor, April 16

Classic ploy

When a dictator wants to divert attention from negative press coverage the classic ploy is to start a war. One of our current president’s tactics is to declare that we are under imminent threat on our southern border. This is absurd as all statistical evidence indicates that border crossings have gone down in recent years. Please tell me that the American people are not stupid enough to believe Trump’s fabrication.

If we do agree that our southern border should be more secure, ignoring the side issue of whether we would have enough workers to harvest our crops id we completely closed the border, why not build a series of solar-powered watch towers manned by unarmed civilian observers whose sole job would be to report any suspicious activity. Perhaps we could augment these towers with drone surveillance.

In urban areas a wall makes sense but in an unpopulated desert would probably only lead to increased sales of shovels and long extension ladders on the Mexican side.

Warren Carlson


McLeod-Skinner stands out

Jamie McLeod-Skinner is the standout candidate in a strong field of Democrats vying to challenge Greg Walden to represent Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District.

An experienced and qualified leader, Jamie’s dedicated her life to public service and has deep roots and family ties on both sides of the Cascades. She’s worked as a water engineer, and has degrees in civil engineering, regional planning and law.

A thoughtful listener and accomplished speaker with creative ideas, Jamie skillfully bridges the urban-rural divide in our vast congressional district. She’s run and won two prior campaigns, giving her eight years of elected experience serving a constituency of 120,000. With more than 450 volunteers, Jamie is building a district-wide campaign organization that’s ready to take on Walden.

But first she must win the May primary election. So I’m voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner. I urge you to do the same.

Deborah Rothschild


Joe Davis for judge

We are writing in support of Joe Davis, who is a candidate for judge in the upcoming election.

When we moved to Medford 41 years ago, we became close neighbors and friends of the Davis family — Ross, Kathleen, and their three sons. Thus, we’ve known Joe since his pre-school years and throughout all the ensuing stages of his education and legal career. We know him to be intelligent, well-spoken and community-minded, and we believe he will put those attributes to best use serving as a judge in Jackson County. Please join us in voting for him.

Gary and Diane Newland


The most descriptive word

There is a word that’s never uttered in describing President Trump’s personality. Not in the media, not by TV anchors, commentators nor politicians. He’s been called liar, ignorant, unhinged, narcissist, but never the word that best describes him.

The word is in your computer. Google “How To Spot a Sociopath.” It’s all spelled out in 10 succinct points. Trump hits all of them except possibly points 6 and 8. Be sure to read the intro by the author, Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews.com.

Doris Hirigoyen


Letters to the Editor, April 16