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Letters to the Editor, April 22

Recommending Davis

I’m recommending Joe Davis for Jackson County Circuit Court judge.

I think he has the right combination of experience — as a prosecutor and as a civil attorney handling family and business matters. He also has a deep-rooted commitment to volunteerism and our community, serving as a judge pro-tem and as a member of the RCC and Rogue Valley Family YMCA boards. And, most importantly, he has a commitment to making the justice system work so that everyone gets heard.

Edwin Battistella


No sympathy

Thanks to Ruth Davis for her recent letter regarding more police presence at the Senior Center.

Regarding her use of the phrase “homeless” folks, I would have to disagree. The phrase would imply that these people used to be homeowners, pay a mortgage, property tax, utilities, etc.

I would be willing to wager that less than 1 percent of them did own a home, they are simply thugs and of course a liability and danger to themselves and others.

Do not feel sorry for them, they couldn’t care less, especially when they are breaking into your car. Our wonderful police force and Sheriff’s Department cannot do it all.

We as a society need to take a lot harder line on these people, and stop referring to them as homeless.

Bill Schrouder


McCleod-Skinner is practical

Jamie McCleod-Skinner is running for Congress in Oregon’s 2nd District, and I like the way she approaches politics.

Jamie has many years of experience at the local and regional level, as an engineer, planner and elected official. It has given her a bottom-up, practically oriented way of looking at problems. At the local level, people across the political spectrum are far more likely to leave their partisan posturing at the door. They recognize things that need to be done, here, on the ground, and learn to work together to get them done. They turn off their cable news and step out into the public square.

This is Jamie’s background and tradition. It has shaped her mindset, and it is a badly-needed quality that she will bring to Congress. To learn more about Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s passion for good governance, check out her website at jamiefororegon.com.

David Drury


Killing machines for sale

Does Oregon Congressman Greg Walden care that the AR-15 and other assault weapons are the weapon of choice for killing people, especially children? At Sandy Hook elementary school an assault weapon killed 20 children in a matter of a few minutes. At a high school in Parkland Florida 17 students and teachers were killed within six minutes by these very effective killing machines.

How is it possible that an 18-year-old cannot legally buy liquor but can purchase an unlimited number of rifles and ammunition? Common sense dictates that child-killing machines should be harder to purchase than a bottle of beer.

This kind of absurdity exists only in America. It demonstrates the power of the NRA over Walden and other Republicans who get money from the NRA. Change will happen only when politicians like Walden are voted out of office.

Howard McEwan


Davis for judge

Joe Davis has demonstrated a deep commitment to fairness and equal access to justice. He has extensive experience as a prosecutor, business attorney and family law attorney.

As a member of the YMCA board and the RCC board, he has shown integrity, compassion and strong character. I urge your vote for Joe Davis for Circuit Court judge!

Lynne Forsyth


Letters to the Editor, April 22