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Letters to the Editor, April 23

Move them out

I read the Mail Tribune article “Homeless program seeks local funding.” There was a statement from Medford officials included in the article about Jackson County indicating it provides enough transitional housing for the homeless at the Jackson County Jail. I am very upset about this remark.

If that is the attitude of our county officials, I want to know who they are and what role they are playing in decision-making. The lack of insight into such a complex and heartbreaking problem is very disturbing. Please root this out so we can move people like this out and get a better quality of representation for our community.

Jan Yost


Vote for Davis

I have known the Davis family since my arrival in the Rogue Valley 15 years ago. Joe Davis has done legal work legal work for me. I have played golf with Joe and his father, retired Judge Ross Davis.

I have always found Joe to be a person or great personal integrity. I have seen him in tense situations and he consistently remains calm, focused and fair. His experience in all phases of legal work — he has served as a prosecutor, a corporate counsel and a family law advocate, uniquely qualifies him to serve as a Circuit Court judge.

Please join me in voting for Joe Davis. It will be a vote well cast.

David Glen


Calling out Walden

Jamie McLeod-Skinner is calling out Walden for his corporate giveaways, his attack on health care, for not protecting our natural resources, for sabotaging a critical community-developed water agreement, not protecting our internet access or privacy, and not providing for our veterans,.

Jamie is a rural Democrat who is rooted in our district and has relevant experience, like experience with water as an engineer. Her experience in elected office, two campaigns, two wins and her family name recognition is proving that community matters most.

There is a lot to be said for being early and showing up strong. With 30,000 miles on her Jeep pulling her trailer from city to town, listening, meeting with individuals and organizations throughout the 20 counties of our district — literally across Oregon, the political and cultural divide — she truly understands the challenges that Oregonians are facing at every local level. I am voting Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Mayor Darby Ayers-Flood


Golden for change

On our wall is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” That is what Jeff Golden is doing.

Many of us lament the effects of money in politics, “money as free speech.” Jeff has decided that the only way to change is to change by not accepting money from any organization, PAC or business, even those with whom he agrees. Of course, that means that he needs more dollars from us — ordinary voters. I choose to support the change I wish to see. I am voting for Jeff Golden.

B. Steely


Letters to the Editor, April 23